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    OK, since TiVo doesn't issue a real changelog/buglist, we have to build one ourselves. This is meant to be a changelog/buglist from 14.9 to 20.2 based on a Premiere non-Elite. I will try to keep this #1 posting updated with all the issues as they are listed. The previous changelog, for 14.9, is here:

    This release contains new features, a few significant interface changes, and fixes several bugs. Mostly HDUI changes, there are some significant performance increases there (and none in the SDUI). The rollout for this release is coming surprisingly quickly from the 14.9 update.

    1 Non-UI or Both UI
    1.1 Both/Non-UI Postive
    1.1.1 The update time took 18 min and 31 seconds on my Premiere which is MUCH faster than previous updates. This might vary some from box-to-box depending on drive size and amount of data on it. And it still no longer gets stuck booting up when the Slide Remote bluetooth dongle is left in the TiVo. This long-standing and frustrating bug appears to remain fixed.

    1.1.2 It is reported that the problems with Netflix video/audio sync introduced in 14.9 have been fixed.

    1.1.3 Multiroom streaming will be officially supported on this release. This feature enables live-viewing of programs from remote Premieres on the same network.

    1.1.4 Supposedly, the OTA tuners appear to be able to lock onto more channels than previously. When scanning OTA for channels, it will find more stations.

    1.1.5 The background of the SD menus has changed, and it is very significant. This will affect everything in the SDUI and the SD menus used in the HDUI. The background used to be animated (including the logo) and changed color depending on what function you were using. Now, it is a static, mostly blue background with very high-resolution TiVo Guy logo. This matches the background of the HDUI, so it will make transitioning more consistent looking. It is also less distracting for SDUI users. Some people may find this change to be negative instead of positive.

    1.2 Both/Non-UI Negative
    1.2.1 The Select-Play-Select-9-Play code for displaying the on-screen clock and play-time-remaining during replays is gone and there is no replacement. Play-time-remaining is available by pressing Play or Pause but the clock is available only by returning to the main menu. It also display seconds, which some people find distracting and unnecessary, and it displays the clock in the center of the screen on HDUI (but lower right corner in SDUI). One person reported having the clock display on HDUI will cause performance and screen drawing issues.

    1.2.2 The "This group is empty" bug that the previous changelog reported as "fixed" in the SDUI, is actually occurring in the HDUI now. It could be it is back in the SDUI, also. This bug will cause the display the above message if one deletes programs in the suggestion list too rapidly, then kick the user back one level in the menu.

    1.2.3 Closed captions no longer appear on the screen while using 1xFF+ (first fast play) while in the SDUI or HDUI. Margret later explained it was due to technical reasons and implied this feature will not return.

    1.2.4 With repeating manual recordings setup, it is possible that multiple duplicate entries will appear in the recording history as "will not record" with reason of not being in program guide.

    1.2.5 There are some metadata issues with programs transferred via network to the TiVo. Further, there are some reports of extended metadata missing from programs pulled back from the Premiere, even in a .TiVo format file.

    1.2.6 HME (Home Media Engine SDK) programs might have incorrect text display Also, at least one report of an HME actually crashing the Premiere.

    1.2.7 There are reports that the network transfer speed is not as fast as it was in 14.9, although it is still faster than it was before 14.9. (It is perhaps 12% slower)

    1.2.8 Recordings on the Premiere, transferred to a computer, then transferred back and played on the Premiere no longer display closed captions. The captions do exist in the .TiVo files and can be seen on a computer.

    2 SDUI
    2.1 SDUI Positive
    2.1.1 The ability to rapidly delete programs without delays/warnings, using the clear key is back. It was ruined in the 14.9 update because a "Please wait" screen would come up between every keypress. Now it is immediate, just like it used to be!

    2.1.2 Resume position in the SDUI was sometimes lost when returning to TiVo central and replaying a program. For some people it was all the time, others never or occasionally. First reported in 14.9. Same users are reporting it is now fixed.

    2.2 SDUI Negative
    2.2.1 Occasionally, when trying to delete a program from Now Playing using the clear key, it will refuse to delete and offer a "bong" sound, instead. If one goes into the program details, it can be deleted. Or if one leaves Now Playing and returns, it can be deleted.

    2.2.2 From my shows, select a program to view description, then back out of it, then play another show using the play button. When using the left arrow to back out of the playback, the cursor/select is not returned to the program that was just played.

    3 HDUI
    3.1 HDUI Positive
    3.1.1 Users are reporting various HDUI performance increases. Examples include: most screen transitions and information display. Hopefully we will have some more quantitative data later. TiVo says it starting using using Adobe Air with 2.X version software instead of (now-deprecated) Flash use with pre 2.X.

    3.1.2 The HDUI now has a newly redesigned guide (There are two versions, a "Live" guide and a "Grid" guide: It includes more information, such as the episode number, season number, and first air date. Also will display year of release for movies. It also can display a longer time period of schedule on a single screen. Status indicators are displayed. Recording (red circle), to-be-recorded (blue check), and season passes (double check) are indicated in the grid. There is a small live video window on the upper right of the guide screen (although it can't be disabled, see below) There is more room for the channel names. Apparently 8 characters. For example "ESPN..." can now be displayed as "ESPN3HD". A white plus icon will indicate when a program is available from a source or channel that is not available because it is turned off in settings. In both guides, pressing "select" on a current time slot takes you to that program for immediate live viewing, instead of the old behavior of offering recording options. In both guides, pressing "info" on an item at the current time slot will display recording options In the grid guide, shows that are in the past are displayed with a darker color than current or upcoming shows.​

    3.1.3 The HDUI information pop-up (press "info" while watching a program): Has changed location to the BOTTOM of the screen (this is a new location for any type of dialog, other than the shuttle/position indicator). (NOTE: While most people like the change, some people find this to be a negative or wish to have user-control over the location). The order of some of the menu entries on it have changed. There is an "UP NEXT" line on the bottom, showing the next scheduled program for the current tuner/channel. The status bar now indicates the status of the tuners as a menu option, even during playback of a recording. Selecting the option will indicate channel and program is on each.​

    3.1.4 The channel change pop-up (press chan up/down while watching a program) has also moved location to the BOTTOM of the screen.

    3.1.5 There is now a time-of-day clock displayed on most HDUI menu screens.

    3.1.6 Numerous discovery bar changes: Includes labels below each picture, telling the user what type of object it is. Examples include "suggestion", "new on demand", "top pick", "popular on web", and "in my shows" (feedback on this addition has been mixed). It contains fewer objects and does not scroll anymore. It has six when live preview is off and four when preview is visible. The bar now fades from dim to bright after an update, instead of just going instantly from dim to bright. This change tends to make the annoying, delayed screen updating of discovery bar elements somewhat less annoying and less noticeable. The options for "less, more, normal" have been changed to allow selection of different types, such as popular, sports, top picks, etc. If you uncheck them all, then it mostly displays entries for what is playing now (there is still no way to turn off the discovery bar). ​

    3.1.7 My Shows now uses "new" labels beside certain recorded programs and folders. Folders are labeled "new" if they contain any new items. Shows are marked "new" that are marked as "first run".

    3.1.8 The delete confirmation dialog box at the end of a show is now in HD resolution instead of SD.

    3.1.9 Hulu Plus is integrated into the search function.

    3.1.10 The shuttle/progress bar now shows hours and minutes below the bar (like in the SDUI), using hours and min instead of hh:mm format, and the bar is thinner (less tall) and the green area does not fill the whole bar (having a logo on the left and total time on the right).

    3.1.11 The search function menu has changed in design and: It now shows content providers on the right side. It also allows the creation of wishlists based off your search. You can now search for channels by channel name (like "ABC") ​

    3.1.12 The HDUI menu screen animation has changed. It has a different type of slide-while-fading-in type effect.

    3.1.13 The find menu now separates out the online provider menu entries with a dotted line.

    3.1.14 There is a new "mini grid guide" that will appear when you press "select" while watching a program or live TV. It displays the current channel and the next two channels over a two hour period. Use "clear" to exit it without selecting the program under the cursor.

    3.1.15 The station/channel logos have been updated.

    3.1.16 "Top Picks" and "My Favorites" menu entries were removed from "Browse TV & Movies". (NOTE: This is not necessarily a "positive").

    3.1.17 The green, animated, spinning, busy circle has been replaced with a blue, animated, spinning, [flower] petal circle. During periods it is visible, all user interaction with the HDUI is halted. (NOTE: This is not really a "positive", just a change).

    3.1.18 If there is no working Internet connection, the Premiere will now allow users to still access program details. Prior, no Internet meant the user could not even select a program to see details or get to playback (play was only available by pressing the play button on the remote). CONFIRMATION NEEDED

    3.1.19 Searching for programs while in daylight savings time would result in program air times that were indicated 1 hour too soon. This has been fixed.

    3.2 HDUI Negative
    3.2.1 HDUI Guide related: When the guide is visible, pressing the "guide" or "clear" button to dismiss the guide results in the display of the medium-sized info banner, instead. This is unexpected behavior. When scheduling a recording from the HD Program Guide, the guide switches to "SD" mode to display "Please Wait" and then back to HD for the confirmation dialog. Guide has no way to turn off or stop the live preview in guide. This is consistent with the old guide behavior, but it does not match the rest of the HDUI, which honors a user preference or allows the user to press "|>" to temporarily stop it. When performing certain actions on programs from the guide, like scheduling or cancelling a recording or changing recording options, the live preview window might jump to full screen for a few seconds, then go back to the preview window size again. After selecting a show to record from the guide, the guide is reloaded and the cursor is placed back at the beginning of the list instead of being restored where it was. It is no longer possible to select an entry that is scheduled for recording and press clear to cancel the recording as was possible in the previous version of the guide, if other showings will be recorded. In such cases, it is only possible to cancel through the todo list. CLARIFICATION NEEDED It is no longer possible to turn on any type of filter based on content type while in the new guide. Programs marked as "new" show their first aired date as 1 day before the actual date the program is airing. Also, the "new" labels will sometimes disappear when switching to/from grid style to/from live style. After selecting a program to record from the grid guide or mini guide, while watching a recording, when it redraws the guide, it places the cursor on the lowest channel instead of on the channel you just were, or on the channel the foreground tuner is using. Curiously, it doesn't do that when in the live guide.

    3.2.2 It is no longer possible to use the right arrow to cycle through the different versions of the channel/program info display.

    3.2.3 You can no longer thumbs up or down on items in the discovery bar.

    3.2.4 HDUI On-Screen-Banner Related: The select button brings up the mini guide now which disrupts entering SPS codes. However, you can still enter SPS code while playing a Showcase video or while the Info banner is up; or by temporarily switching to SDUI. When entering channel numbers in "live" TV viewing, on the info banner or mini guide, they stop at 4 digits and do not wrap around as they used to do. So there is no way to correct a typo, you have to wait for the incorrect channel or exit the info banner/mini guide. The first aired date for the program displayed on the banner is 1 day before the actual aired date.

    3.2.5 Some people report that their play/pause location is lost when switching back and forth between watching two recording programs. It is unclear if this is only HDUI. MORE INFO NEEDED

    3.2.6 Deleting a Program Related: There are times when deleting a program from suggestions, using the clear button, then moving the cursor down a few menu entries, will result in two or more screen redrawings. There are times when it is seemingly impossible to delete a program. Such programs will not delete on the TiVo Suggestions screen (the "x" will sit there forever or it just makes the "x" disappear without deleting), nor if selected then deleted. When played back, there is an error displayed about the channel and forces an exit. Sometimes it can be deleted at that point. If played a SECOND time, it will play normally, the user can exit and then delete it. This often happens when trying to stop two recordings and it frequently causes the first to become undeletable/unplayable. There are occasions when trying to delete a program, the popup menu will have no option highlighted and any key press results in a very low-tone "bong". Usually after a minute, the entire HDUI will restart, complete with the TiVo intro animation.

    3.2.7 When transferring network video to the Premiere (from, for example, PyTiVo), some users have noticed the HDUI menu screen can "quiver" or "shake" vertically, rapidly, by a pixel or two. It can also cause light stuttering in HD video playback during the transfer. Confirmed, but not known if this started in 20.2

    3.2.8 When performing a one-time record of a show from the Guide and try to add time to it, if the show is not the next airing, you have to scroll through "upcoming" to find the episode you want to record. NEEDS CONFIRMATION

    3.2.9 When deleting a recording that is the lowest menu entry in a folder,the cursor will be placed at the highest menu entry, when it should have moved up by only one entry.

    4 Unresolved/Carry-Over
    4.0 Kidzone is still not available while using the HDUI. However, there is mention that the Spring 2012 update will have some parental controls in the HDUI.

    4.1 Performance improvements in the HDUI still do not lead to a completely fluid user interface, mostly due to the delayed, live, internet-based loading of certain information, such as the discovery bar, and program graphics. Some screens take up to 6 seconds to finish drawing/updating everything. Many users report that initial drawing of "My Shows" now takes longer than in the 14.9 update. User expectations and reporting of performance are widely varied.

    4.2 The reporting of the program size disk space is still wrong on the SDUI. They changed it to read "GB" but the reported numbers are 100 times smaller than the actual space it is using. However, in the HDUI, it is correct. First discovered in 14.9.

    4.3 The Premiere is still upconverting to 720P, even if 480P is selected in video settings. First reported in 14.9. Some suspect it might have to do with needing to display HD overlays and popups when viewing SD material.

    4.4 There are still times when "Stop and Delete" in the HDUI will stop the program recording but will not delete the program.

    4.5 The KidZone dialog bug for the "Please Wait" dialog when selecting KidZone is still present. The dialog displays almost completely off the screen. This bug was introduced in 14.9.

    4.6 When scrolling through wishlists, it can be very slow when using the channel down button, and presents a "Please Wait" dialog each time. Issue first occurred in 14.9.

    4.7 Some users experience pixelation (macroblocking) when trying to watch Amazon VOD programming. This bug was introduced as early as early 2011, and might be addressed in the planned Spring 2012 update

    4.8 When selecting and recording a season pass from the guide, the Premiere will select the channel of the first airing of that program, rather than the channel on the selected program. Do not know when this started or if this has been that way forever. HDUI ONLY?

    4.9 Over-the-air digital broadcasts that contain audio-only programming (with no video) will not tune on the Premiere.

    Version 45
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    crxssi Veteran TiVo User

    Apr 5, 2010
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    moyekj Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2006
    HDUI issue: With the Guide up if you press "Guide" or "Clear" to dismiss the guide you get the Small Info banner overlay shortly after. Naturally it's expected you get no overlay, especially when using "Clear" button.

    HDUI & SDUI issue: If you have one or more repeating Manual Recording Season Passes the "View Recording History" shows tons of consecutive "Will Not Record" entries with reason: "This program will not be recorded because it is no longer in the program guide". I see roughly 9 entries as such for every day the recording is supposed to happen. Note that the recordings do indeed record as expected, so this is useless info that just pollutes the Recording History screen with wrong messages.
  4. Jan 8, 2012 #4 of 640

    oViTynoT Obvious Forum Lurker

    May 18, 2007
    Plano, TX
    I'm not sure about 2.1.1.. I still have 14.9, and I don't have that problem in the SDUI. I *DO* have that problem in the HDUI.

    ... 14.9 still has the EXTREMELY annoying problem (even the S3 had it) that if you clear a big consecutive block of programs (6 or 7+) that the "current position" will often be flung clear to the bottom of the Now Playing list, so you have to scroll all the way back up to where you where when you did the delete. Hoping THAT is fixed in 20.2...
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    sbiller Active Member

    May 10, 2002
    Tampa, FL
  6. Jan 8, 2012 #6 of 640

    andyf Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2000
    Agreed on this one.

    If you change channels via the guide the medium banner should come up, but if you just bring up the guide and then close it the small banner shouldn't come up.

    With the mini-guide if you change channels only the small banner comes up, not the medium banner. But if you clear it neither banner comes up.

    A little inconsistent there, I would expect the behavior of the guide and the mini-guide to be the same when changing channels or just clearing the guide.
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    mmf01 Member

    Jan 31, 2011
  8. Jan 8, 2012 #8 of 640

    ward_ja New Member

    Jan 23, 2009
    The Select-Play-Select-9-Play code for displaying on-screen play-time-remaining and clock during replays is gone and there is no replacement. Play-time-remaining is available by pressing Play or Pause but the clock is available only by returning to the main menu.

  9. Jan 8, 2012 #9 of 640

    xander777 Member

    Feb 23, 2010
    If you press select and then SPS9S you will get the clock. Unfortunately, it'd dead center in the screen for me.
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    andyf Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2000
    HDUI: The Delete Confirmation dialog box at the end of a show is now in HD instead of SD.
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    Innerloop New Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    HDUI Neg: When scheduling a recording from the HD Program Guide, the guide switches to "SD" mode to display "Please Wait" and then back to HD for the confirmation dialog, an unnecessary round-trip.

    HDUI: The "New" icon appeares next to folder that contain NEW items
    HDUI: The "New" icon appears on guide shows that are marked as First-Run
    HDUI: More information about the selected show appears in the HD Program Guide including episode number/season number and first air-date.
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    brentil Member

    Sep 9, 2011
    Once I get 20 I'll run my benchmarks.
  13. Jan 8, 2012 #13 of 640

    lessd Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    That works for me on my one TPXL with V20.2 software, I have to use it when watching an already recoded program, I am using the SDUI but when watching a program that should not make any difference, or should it ?
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    moyekj Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2006
    In HDUI Select brings up Info banner now which disrupts entering SPS codes. There are workarounds however: You can still enter SPS code while playing a Showcase video or while the Info banner is up (i.e. Select 1st time to bring up Info, then SPS code from there while the banner is displayed).
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    danjw1 Member

    Sep 13, 2005
    Does anyone have 2 Tivos that have this update? If so, are you able to use streaming?
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    eddieb187 Member

    Jan 16, 2009
    New Upgraded HD UI Channel Logos. Very Nice.
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    innocentfreak Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2001
    Streaming won't be activated until after the official roll out.
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    crxssi Veteran TiVo User

    Apr 5, 2010
    OK, here we go....

    * First several hours of things added to the first post in this thread.

    * I tried to add from as many sources (threads) as possible. However, since there has been furious posting over the last few days in just a few generic threads, I can't meaningfully site "sources" yet, like I did for the other changelog.

    * There are so many changes on certain aspects of the HDUI, I found it necessary to add yet another level to the outline to help make it easier to find related changes. This was done mostly for the positives and not the negatives (yet).

    * There are bound to be errors. Please let me know, of course.

    * At this point, it is version 6, since although I didn't announce the changes, it has already been updated many times.
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    moyekj Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2006
    crxssi, I think perhaps you missed my bug listed above about repeating Manual Recordings screwing up Recording History screen? Great job on putting this together - it takes a lot of effort to do so I know.
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    lessd Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    I just tested out the SPS9S code, in the SDUI; it works as before but in the HDUI it does not work as before. If you turn it on in the SDUI than go to the HDUI the time shows up in the middle of the screen in small print, as this is not a documented feature its hard to call it a bug, but i hope it gets fixed.

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