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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by pmrowley, Nov 20, 2019.

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    Is there a way to test the functionality of the USB ports? My tuning adapter suddenly went bad, and since then, I haven't gotten one to work correctly, regardless of which USB port I plug it into (Motorola TA). I have swapped out the TA 3 times, only one of which (kind of) worked (and that one kept connecting and disconnecting from the Tivo). I'd like to be able to rule out my Roamio as the issue.

    Or are Motorola TAs really this bad, that you can get 3 faulty ones in a row from the cable provider?

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    I don't use a TA, but my Roamio can power fans. Power is all you can test.
  3. ej42137

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    At least with my cable company, if a TA isn't connected for some time it loses some certification (this was the tech's description) and won't successfully connect until it has been refreshed from the head end. The only way it can get refreshed is for the cable company to initiate the process. I've had this happen more than once.

    This is with Moto TAs and TWC/Spectrum.
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    You could try a USB keyboard. I seem to remember some old threads where people were using a keyboard to make searches easier.
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    Have you tried a known good usb cable?
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    Do you get the TA connected pop up when you connect the TA? Even if it's not authorized, you should be able to see it connected and see the diagnostic screens.

    Connect a mouse and see if the optical light glows - that'll tell you that it's getting power at least.

    And while it seems rare to have 3 bad ones in a row, it's not entirely unheard of - TA's aren't exactly known for their reliability.
  7. mattyro7878

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    Maybe use the USB to charge your phone?

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