TCL Roku compatible with TIVO??

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by mobouser, Oct 13, 2019.

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    I picked up a 43" Roku TV to replace a broken basement exercise area TV figuring I'd try ROKU. I hooked it up to my TIVO Bolt in the area and I could not get a signal thru a HDMI cable. Next I took a Roamio OTA from another area and tried that and presto it works OK connecting thru HDMI cable to the ROKU TV also the Bolt works fine on a regular TV. Next I tried setting the remote code theirs only one code for TCL and it does not work for this TV. Now I'm wondering what experiences if any other people have had with TCL and ROKU and weather this should just be returned for another set. Thanks for any responses.
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    I've had both a series 1 Mini and now a Bolt Vox hooked up to my TCL Roku TV with no issues. I think I had to google a good remote code. I've seen 0091,0366, 0999 mentioned....

    And I've really liked the much so that my parents listened to my recommendation and have now picked up a couple of them as well.
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    My TCL Roku tv works fine with my Bolt. A previous model played well with my Roamio. You need to go through the Roku interface to get to the Tivo. I'm sure you are aware.
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    Yes the code to use is 0091. As long as it's not from cable company, which use different tv code list.

    When you want remote to control Roku tv, in addition checking for TCL, try Dynex tv brand as well.
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    Is this TCL TV 4K? If it is you may need a new HDMI cable. I could not get any of the known codes to work with my TCL tv, but by going thru the process of learning, I got it to work, however there is not any way to know what code finally worked.
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    I've had a TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

    For two years now and am very pleased with it!

    I've used it with my Tivo Mini for most of that time but recently moved and am now pairing it with my Roamio 4 tuner.

    Is works flawlessly. The Tivo remote works fine for turning the tcl on/off and controlling the volume, no idea what code I used.

    I also have it configured with Roku's Works with Google to turn it on and off. Something I discovered was available while setting up my smart lights in the new house.

    If my 10 year old Samsung 55" HDTV ever dies, I will likely replace it with the largest available TCL Roku..

    Side note if using ARC; You need to use a good quality hdmi cable for ARC to work consistently. It was highly intermintent until I replaced the 6 year old Amazon Basic hdmi cable with a higher quality new hdmi cable.
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