TA cannot get SDV channels

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by iconoclast, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. powrcow

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    Sep 27, 2010


    Almost all Cox techs and in store support people have said this to me for about 8 years.

    The real answer is that yes, at some point Cox won't support TiVos. No one knows when.
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  2. tarheelblue32

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    Jan 12, 2014
    Raleigh, NC
    The real answer is that it will happen when the FCC says it can happen.

    In related news, my Roamio Plus/Tuning Adapter on Charter Spectrum in Raleigh, NC suddenly stopped being able to pull in the SDV channels as of this morning. Is anyone else on Spectrum currently experiencing this problem?
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  3. dlfl

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    If a Spectrum rep told me that “in the future they would not support TA’s” my response would be a hearty laugh and “when did you START supporting them?”.
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    No. But it can be a storage server. Move any movies etc you'd like to always have available to stream stored there.

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    Nov 27, 2014
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    Unless they can provide all you pay for with a cablecard by itself they will have to include a TA
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  6. Chuck_IV

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    Jan 1, 2002
    Mine still pulls “most” SDV channels. However, about a month or so ago they did something with VICE and now my TA doesn’t think it even exists. It doesn’t even show in the channel list.

    I had a tech over about 3 weeks ago who said that it was a problem at the head end(which I already knew) and they were working on it and it would be back in a day or two.

    Well, here we are 3 weeks later and nothing has changed. I will call them back but with the Coronavirus issues, I doubt anything gets resolved anytime soon.

    Luckily it’s just one channel at the moment.

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  7. jshore

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    Aug 17, 2003
    hi! I have two Tivo Bolt VOX boxes with Cox cable here in Phoenix. About a month ago I started having issues with several SDV channels on living room Bolt. Was told to get a new cable card and tuning adapter and that didn't fix issue, and the issue was now on my bedroom Bolt, as well. Cox sent out a tech who was clueless, supposedly the issue was then sent to "Level 2 Video" who basically are not customer facing... but they were supposed to call me with update. Nothing. The maintenance that was supposed to happen between March 6-12th (according to a postcard) happened or didn't happen, no idea. Some channels started working off and on (137, 142, 326 for example) but others still give V52 error (205, 203) and don't work at all. So I just called Cox, and I am on the phone with customer care supervisor now who is saying they have sent out information that they will no longer be supporting these cable cards (she kept referring to them as ROVI boxes) and basically my Tivo will be bricked at some point but she doesn't know exact date. But supposedly a letter went out over a year ago that communicated this, but I never received a letter. Anyway, just curious if anyone else received any communication that our cable cards and TiVos were no longer going to be supported and capable of working with Cox Communications in Phoenix? Switching over to Contour with 6-tuner capability is another $40 a month. So looks like I am gonna be cutting the cord and going with YouTube or Hulu TV... bummed that each has a few key channels I don't wanna lose (AMC available on one but not other, BBC America available on one but not the other)
  8. jshore

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    Aug 17, 2003
    Supposedly Tivo boxes will stop working with Cox as of April... according to Cox customer retention reps. Again, I assume they just mean that you can no longer get "technical support" (like any techs there ever had any helpful support) and possibly some SDV channels will not work or only work intermittently... find it inconceivable that suddenly our Tivo boxes would just stop working... but who knows...
  9. Kobewan

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    Jan 27, 2011
    Cox PHX customer here too (Goodyear area) and getting frustrated. About a month ago, I lost SDV channels on my BOLT and my Roamio Pro. Tried the reboots recommended here and all the usual stuff (been a Cox and Tivo customer since 2011 so I've been through the struggles). Hadn't had time to address it and had to go away for 4 days, but when I returned from my trip, all was working with no intervention on my part. Then last week, I had to unplug the adapters to switch televisions (that is all that changed) and ever since I've not had SDV channels on each. Both tuning adapters simply blink incessantly. The Tivo's wont even recognize there is a tuning adapter. CableCards are working fine, just no SDV channels.

    Called Cox and they ran me through the scripts (rebooting both, unplug and re-attach USB's, etc) but nothing happened. The confirmed the boxes are authorized and the "see them". They said, the next step was a in-house service, but they aren't doing in-house service because of COVID. I'm thinking it has to be an issue with the signal coming in since all the issues starting occurring around the time of the "work" in our area as advised via a post-card.

    Anyone else have these issues? Just wondering what they changed during the "maintenance that specifically was going to effect people with tuning adapters? Is their such thing as too "hot" a signal and how would I check this?
  10. RedWingsRULE!

    RedWingsRULE! 306hrSA 318hrHD

    Dec 16, 2002
    My Spectrum technician is here right not and cannot figure it out. I lost all SDV channels 3 nights ago. I got new TAs for both TiVos. Still no joy. If Spectrum has stopped support, I'm gonna be PISSED.
  11. RedWingsRULE!

    RedWingsRULE! 306hrSA 318hrHD

    Dec 16, 2002
    3 hours later, office sending "hits" to TA and TiVo and remove/reinsert cable card, and bingo, all channels are back. I hope this helps someone else. ;)
  12. iconoclast

    iconoclast Member

    Oct 27, 2014
    FWIW mine has been “working” most days. I have timer set to cut power for 4 minutes every day @ 7AM.

    Often some or all SDV Chanels not working again by evening.
    When I want to record something in an SDV Chanel I have to remember to check an hour or so b4 the show is on & often unplug TA for 30 seconds & replug so that it restarts.

    I have also witnessed the TA restarting itself at odd times for no apparent reason, which not only causes loss of SDV channels & ruins any SDV recoding in progress but also will stop a recording in progress on any non-SDV channel! IDK why. I have occasionally spot checked by going into the TA menu to see when last started & it s/b 7AM daily but sometimes I see some random PM time. So I know it has been doing this unscheduled restart, even if I am not watching TV to witness it. Not every day though.

    My Solution in the next few months will be to cut the cord.
    Figure out what combination of OTA antenna, Streaming device(s), Streaming services will get me all the channels I desire & hopefully cost less than Cox Cable.
  13. CommunityMember

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    May 22, 2020
    In my experience the most common problem with a TA (presuming it is not just DOA) tends to be the reverse path OOB channel. It is in the RF weeds (~10MHz) which is very noisy, and tends to see lots of attenuation (it is also why it uses a very noise tolerant encoding). If the TA cannot reliably communicate upstream it cannot reliably finish its various ongoing negotiations and perform properly in operation. And, it should be noted, the plant performance itself can vary over the day (a few dBmV change during the day is not unheard of). Sadly, occasionally, a TA will work, so one thinks everything is fine, but that is only until it eventually starts to fail all over again, which is just frustrating. Depending on the TA the diagnostic menus can show you the upstream power levels it is sending, which if they are in the mid 50's, you may be right on the edge of usability if anything else changes (note that it is power and SNR that matters, but you can only see the power levels from the TA side). In theory a HE engineer should be able to see the power and SNR received by the HE equipment, but AFAIK that type of information is not made available to techs (for DOCSIS the tools have been made available to techs to see such signal issues so they at least have some clue), resulting in them being, essentially, RF signal blind. In one case I found adding a reverse path amp "solved" the problem (which is just a mitigation, but at the time I did not care it was not the right fix, I just wanted the client to be happy(er) at the moment), but it clearly will not work for everyone for every case.

    Tuning adapters may have been a necessary evil for operators that were trying to minimize their CAPEX, but I have rarely found anyone that think they were ever the ideal solution. But when your bonus is on the line you make the decision that reduces the CAPEX.
  14. ajwees41

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    May 7, 2006

    unless fcc changed something that will not happen
  15. tarheelblue32

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    Jan 12, 2014
    Raleigh, NC
    Just an update to my post (#22) above from back in March. After several attempts to get Spectrum to fix the TA problem, I just gave up. There really weren't many SDV channels I cared about, and the ones I did I would occasionally use the Spectrum streaming app.

    I have been periodically trying to reconnect the TA to see if it would work, and last night (4 months later) it finally started working again. I'm pretty sure that the problem was never the TA itself, as it always appeared to boot up properly and connect to the TiVo correctly, it just wouldn't pull in any SDV channels.

    After looking through the diagnostics, the SDV channels are now coming through at much lower frequencies than they used to (used to come through in the 600s and 700s MHz and they now come in down in the 200s MHz range). So Spectrum must have changed the frequencies for the SDV channels in my area back in March and neglected to let the Tuning Adapters know about the change. I had a feeling that they were doing network stuff around that same time because my modem signal levels have been much improved since around the same time in March.

    I guess maybe someone else in my area with a TiVo finally got them to fix the problem. The clueless first-level tech that showed up couldn't figure it out. It's probably something that a higher level network engineer was needed for, but the first-level tech was unwilling to escalate my TiVo problem up the chain. I probably should have filed an FCC complaint about it months ago, but it just wasn't worth the effort for me.
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  16. dlfl

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    Jul 6, 2006
    Dayton OH
    LOL, yeah not caring much helps a lot when dealing with Spectrum TA issues. And it’s (almost) always not the TA itself that is the problem. I lived with Spectrum TA issues and ineptitude for ten years until I cut the cord last November. I’m now a happy YouTube TV user and will never return to cable TV. Their business practices alone are enough to keep me away, even without TA problems.
  17. rpiotro

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    Oct 20, 2005
    Greenfield, WI
    You are correct. Cable is so last century. I "cut the cord" with DirecTV 30 months ago after 20 years and never looked back. I keep my TiVo for the local OTA channels.
  18. 1985BearsFan

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    Sep 15, 2013
    Thank you so very much for these instructions! I live in Phoenix and have service through Cox. I also have a Roamio Pro, a Roamio, and a Bolt. Several months ago, the Roamio failed to recognize the tuning adapter. Oddly, I seemed to receive the channels I regularly watch. For that reason, and because that particular Roamio doesn't get much use, I ignored the problem. Last weekend, I finally had enough of the blinking light on the TA. I called TiVo first. Of course, TiVo ended up blaming Cox and told me to call Cox. After more than an hour of an online chat with Cox, they wanted to send someone to my home. Having been through that merry-go-round before, I told them I didn't want a service call and decided that I would do some more troubleshooting on my own. Ultimately, I ran across this thread and today tried your suggested method. It worked perfectly for me--no more blinking light on the TA, and I now seem to receive all channels, including the switched video channels! Thank you again!!!!!

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