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    I've used TiVos off and on since the very first model. I recently had to switch, reluctantly, to Comcast Xfinity, and now have their X1 devices. God are they terrible. Press FF or Rew and wait for it to respond. It just keeps annoying me.

    If I switch to a CableCard TiVo, can someone warn me what to expect? Are there features of X1 that I'm going to lose? Can TiVo search for programs that are available via Xfinity On Demand? It's nice with X1 that I can see both recorded and streamable episodes of a show in the same place.

    Also I'm looking to get a used TiVo, save some money in case Comcast does something to break Cablecard (e.g. IPTV) or add some great new feature. Could someone please suggest how much it matters if I get a Bolt Vox vs a Bolt vs one of the various Roamio models? Will I notice a big difference?

    Thanks for any help!
    -- Ethan
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