Swapping 2 External Drives Between 2 Premieres Regularly

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    Sep 24, 2011



    - love Formula 1 in hi-def on SpeedHD
    - cant afford cable myself
    - sister nearby had boatload of Comcast channels incl S-HD
    - bought used Premiere and added to her existing tivos (3+1=4)
    - schedule/record all F1 races on "my" premiere at her house
    - installed Tivo Desktop on sis's main PC and xfer all F1 shows to external drive attached to PC
    - every few weeks go and swap external hard drive with second external drive
    - bring pulled drive home and connect as external drive on my HTPC
    - use DirectShowDump software to convert .tivo to .mpg and then watch on big plasma connected to my HTPC using PowerDVD 10 software
    - PROS: cheap, picture great
    - CONS: xfer at sis's house unreliable (have to re-start regularly); .tivo to .mpg conversion is extra step; PowerDVD controls not even close to tivo convenience/versatility

    - already bought 2nd premiere dirt-cheap

    - wondering if recordings can stored on external drive attached to first premiere at sis's house, and then swap out external drive with identical external drive? (no PC involved, no network xfer!)
    - bring swapped-out drive back to my house and connect to second premiere and watch shows [ with full tivo viewing controls! ;-) ]

    NEXT HIGHEST WISH (if above not possible, or too cumbersome):
    - do everything as currently doing but stop after step before .tivo to .mpg conversion
    - buy 2nd copy of Tivo Desktop for my HTPC
    - use Tivo Desktop to watch or xfer shows on external drive attached to my HTPC w/out having to convert

    pros? cons? gotchas? alternatives?

  2. lpwcomp

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    May 6, 2002
    Look into pyTivo and kmttg.

    Not possible. TiVo external drives don't work that way.

    pyTivo and kmttg are free. What you could do is attach the external drive to her computer, put all of the transferred/converted (TiVos on different accounts can't use each others .tivo files. It may work if you use pyTiVo to "pull" them and tell it to "Decrypt with tivodecode") on it, unplug it from her computer, take to your house, plug it into your computer. If you have set up pyTivo so that the external is a "video share", you will be able to see the drive (under the "share" name) in your TiVos "Now Playing" or "My Shows".(The "share" entry would have to point to the drive letter that the external gets assigned when you plug it into your computer)
    Do not buy Desktop+. Even the free version supports what you are currently doing.
  3. ThAbtO

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    The external and internal drives are connected in a way that when the external is removed, the recordings are erased, because TiVo shares the space between the 2 drives for storage, plus they are encoded with the Tivo's service number, etc. The only wY is to do transfers.

    An alternative is to get a laptop, using kmttg to do batch downloads/decrypt and PyTivo for transfer to another TiVo in your house.

    You may be able to connect the laptop to your HDTV.
  4. scandia101

    scandia101 Just the facts ma'am

    Oct 20, 2007
    MN, greater...
    That not erased so much as they simply become unusable data on the HD.

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