Survivor Season 1: Bornea (Spoilers)

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    Boy Scout lady was Lill from Pearl Islands (S7). The first kicked from Borneo was Sonya Christopher (the first of Sue's failed vote spellings - SOUNA). She brought a ukelele with her as her luxury item.
  2. BradJW

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    Jun 9, 2008
    So just finished watching Season 1. It was interesting to contrast the first season contestants against today's players. Really strange that no one wanted to be in an alliance and they were all seemingly content to let Hatch's alliance pick them off one by one.

    It's understandable to the viewers that didn't get the full set of rules that the players did. I remember first watching and thinking it was going to be about being able to survive in the jungle alone. But they new it was going to involve voting someone off every 3 days and getting jury votes at the end. Most of them didn't care and even the promise of a million bucks didn't matter to them.

    The game has changed a lot - for the better.
  3. lambertman

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    Dec 20, 2002
    I remember the absolute shock my then-gf and I felt the night
    Gretchen C.
    was voted off. Our naive selves didn't yet realize that this truly was a game of office politics, not one of merit. "But, they're nice and helpful! WTF?" :)
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    I never watched it during the first season but I remember hearing how fun it was. Then CBS reran it during the Olympics, an episode every night, and I watched (even though I had heard who the winner was). I was hooked. Still like the show although some season are a lot more enjoyable than others and I don't always like the "twists".
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    My memory - being spoiled as to who the winner was just two hours before I saw the episode.

    I'm on the west coast. I was flipping through channels, and moments after the finale was over on the east coast, QVC had a big "buy winner of Survivor stuff" sale going on. They had t-shirts showing who won. I was so disappointed that I got spoiled that way!

    To this day, I go "dark" once the Survivor finale starts. No Internet, no TV. No chance of getting spoiled if I'm not online.

    (Yes, I've seen every minute of every episode of Survivor, in all of it's seasons)

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