Survivor - 11/7/18

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    Angelina is not getting credit for sniffing out a problem and her "alliance" members are too stupid to see what's happening. Yes you cut off the head of the snake. She was right that Christian needed to go and beneath all the nonsense at tribal there is the genius plan unfolding and it can work because her alliance is voting with their heart, not brains.

    But I don't get why Elizabeth didn't try to move Angelina to blindside a Goliath. That's essentially what Angelina was asking for Elizabeth to get do. Angelina felt she had to make a move and she was correct, but neither her or Elizabeth know how to play the game.

    This wasn't a jury move. It was a major play from someone who didn't know how to pull it off.
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    I'd say that's normally true. Part of the problem is that they are only together for about 2 weeks or so and, in this case, they get split up and then go to a different team for another week or so. So where is their actual allegiance? It's not like they know each other for months. Yet they always make the appearance to stick with their original tribe, which lasts what,a couple of episodes if that? It's silly. I get it for the first 2 weeks where you need teamwork to get camp setup and win challenges, but after that? It makes no sense.
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    This has been the season of a single word repeated more times than you would ever envision in one episode.

    First it was jacket, jacket, jacket, jacket....

    And now it was momentum, momentum, momentum, momentum,....

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