Supernatural - "The Purge" - 2/4/14

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  1. photoshopgrl

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    Well let's go right to the painful part. That conversation with Sam and Dean at the end.......:( And Sam I don't believe you. You've proven in the past that you would go just as far as Dean would. I honestly think that's where they are going with this. I think it's somewhere toward the finale, maybe even the finale, Sam is going to be forced to let Dean die or go to drastic measures to save him. And we know which he'll pick. Why must they do this every season? My heart can't take it.

    Okay sorry next I have to be superficial.
    How can Jensen make a hair net look that good? And I don't know which was hotter: Sam in the sleeveless shirt showing off his shoulders or the track suit. I think the track suit......because.........

    I enjoyed the rest for what it was. A new monster and a bunch of awesome Dean faces. I was surprised people didn't know cupping was a real thing? I've never done it but I hear it's pretty cool. I thought the tongue could have been done better but I know their budget is limited.

    "How do you know what ruffies look like?"
    "How do you not know?"
  2. JYoung

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    Weren't you the one complaining about how Sam didn't look for Dean at all after he was blown into Purgatory with Castiel?

    I think the conversation does show that Dean really doesn't understand why Sam's so angry with him.
    Not at all.

    And I have to give myself a little credit when Sam hit him with the "You're terrified to be alone" or without "family" speech as I did mention it last week.
    It's a pattern that's not that hard to discern.

    John Winchester goes missing. Dean promptly goes to Sam to drag him back into "the life".

    Sam gets killed at Cold Oak. Dean promptly finds a crossroads demon to bring him back to life.

    Sam is ready to sacrifice himself to close the Gates of Hell.
    Dean won't let him and tricks him into letting Gadriel possess him.

    I suspect that Dean also would have jumped into the Pit after Sam/Lucifer if he was physically able to.

    No issues there.

    BTW, when was the last time Sam saved Dean?
    It would be a change from Sam always being the monster's victim.

    And how much is Dean drinking now?

    Sam with the fanny pack amused me.
  3. scandia101

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    Poor Sam, the victim of Dean not letting him die. Boohoohooo.
  4. cheesesteak

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    At least Dean is learning that he doesn't have to kill every demon he comes across.

    I'm tired of the Sam/Dean angst. I wouldn't let my brother die either if I had a chance to have him healed.
  5. Rob Helmerichs

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    Oct 17, 2000
    Yeah, their relationship seems like it's become if they keep saying "Where can we push it now?", and forgetting the actual characters.

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