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    Hunters need jobs, too! There is also the consideration that while the vast majority of monsters were bad people, there were a few decent ones. So either Jack would have to make a moral judgment on every single one, or else he would have to essentially kill some good ones. So he probably figured to just go with the "hands off" approach.
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    Local CW affiliate managed to once again screw up Supernatural.
    They showed the first 45 minutes of the retrospect show, then jumped to the last 15 minutes of the Finale, wasn't sure at the time why the weird jump.
    They then showed the whole hour of the Finale when DejaVu struck.

    In the past they've showed 1/3 Supernatural, then 1/3 Smallville, then the last 1/3 of Supernatural.
    Aired half the episode Zoomed in so much you could barely make out the WB/CW bug in the corner.
    Aired the first half with music/effects only, no dialogue.
    And I seem to recall the show starting in the middle, then suddenly jumping to the correct point, leaving the viewer to have no idea who they are chasing and why.
    This all has happened multiple times in 15 years.

    Mountain Time Zone TV stations generally record the East Coast feed then play it back an hour later, some networks have a dedicated MST feed, but most do not.

    That being said, I think they could have ended with last weeks show and called it good, just sad watching the loneliness (twice).
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    You're probably correct but usually they show blood leaking from just about every facial orifice with injuries like Dean's. There's no way I'm rewatching this episode, though.

    Was there a new Death at the end?
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    Well it could be the old philosophy of 'Good' cannot be good without an actual 'Evil' to fight against. The world must have a ying and yang to function properly?
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    Yeah, but let's face it...humanity provides plenty of evil on its own. We really don't need cosmic help in that regard...
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    I was wondering about the monsters too. Jack easily could have not brought the irredeemable ones back, but brought the good ones back as humans.

    I suppose that would have applied to humans too, just bring back the good ones ...

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