Supernatural - Season 14 (Spoilers)

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    New season starts tonight. I totally forgot what happened so here's a season 13 recap.

    From What you need to know going into 'Supernatural' season 14
    • Michael has run off with his vessel, Dean’s body. In the season 13 finale, Dean saved the day by saying yes to Michael and allowing the archangel to take control of his vessel in order to defeat Lucifer. The good news is that Michael killed Lucifer. But instead of giving Dean his body back after the fight, Michael decided to take it for a spin, and when the season 14 premiere picks up, Dean’s been missing — or rather, he’s been Michael – for weeks.
    • Jack lost his grace. One of the reasons Dean said yes to Michael involves the fact that Lucifer was stronger than ever … because he’d stolen Jack’s grace. Of course, Jack’s grace will replenish over time, but when season 14 starts, the Nephilim is having to adjust to life without his powers. At least for now.
    • Heaven needs some angels. There’s a serious shortage of angels in heaven, an issue that will surely have to be addressed at some point. Last we saw, heaven was having trouble keeping the power on, and surely the deaths of both Gabriel and Lucifer didn’t help.
    • The Apocalypse World hunters live here now. Thanks to Sam and Dean’s rescue mission to save Mary and Jack, the bunker is now filled with Apocalypse World hunters, including Bobby.
    • Hell has no king. With Asmodeus dead, Hell is lacking in the leadership department, and based on the promo for season 14, Sam is hoping Hell remains without a king.
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  2. Rob Helmerichs

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    I think you mean that Michael has run off with Dean's body. Dean's body is Michael's vessel.
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    Thx for the recap...
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    Hey man, I just ctrl+C to ctrl+V. :)
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    Not much to say about the season so far except to express my annoyance that the writers can't seem to remember major plots from previous season. When Castiel and Nick were talking about Lucifer taking over Nick's body, why did Cas not say something about the entire half season where Lucifer did the same to him? Or maybe it's because an angel can't actually posses the vessel of another angel that's "bodysnatched" a human? I mean that to me, never did make sense but him not mentioning it is stupid.

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