Supergirl "Supergirl Lives" 1/24/2017

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    Yeah, I think it would be a little easier to accept in a comic. Here, it was just funny.

    I'm still a little fuzzy on exactly what powers the Kryptonians. Is it the sun's color temp., (5500 - 5800 Kelvin), something in the electromag spectrum, (most of which is lethal to humans), or something else?

    Mon-El joined the Legion of Super-Heroes so sometimes he'd work alongside Superboy 1000 years into the future.

    Interesting. I never knew about that.
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    Agreed. I watched the first few episodes after Supergirl went to the CW Network but eventually cancelled my season pass. I really like Melissa Benoist but the writers kept getting political when all I wanted was some escapism.
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    I believe the reasoning changed over time. If I recall correctly originally it really had nothing to do specifically with the color of the sun giving powers and more to do with the fact that red stars tend be more massive than yellow ones which I believe led to Krypton being much larger than Earth and having higher gravity which led Kryptonians having denser bodies. In other words the super powers came in the same way humans have "powers" on the moon.

    Later it changed so that the yellow sun "energy" would be stored in Kryptonian cells like a battery giving them their powers. I'm not sure if Supergirl follows this as she wouldn't immediately lose her powers when suddenly exposed to run sunlight. She would start to lose her "charge" and eventually lose her powers, but it wouldn't be instantaneous like it was in this episode.
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    In the Silver Age, it was instantaneous. Kryptonians (and presumably Daxamites) lost their power as soon as they were on a red sun planet, and regained them just as quickly under a yellow sun. Later, it was more a "solar battery" thing, and it took longer, both to lose their powers and to recharge.
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    am I the only one who remembers this

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    When I saw her name in the credits I thought it was a bogus name. Until just now when I realized her last name was Smith and who her father is. Its starting to make a little more sense.
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    Super man as Solar battery. Yes.

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