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  1. cathy voce

    cathy voce New Member

    Jan 12, 2018


    ok i an so confused im about to buy a tv -a Samsung - 43" Class (42.5" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - Smart tv maybe - convice me differnet - i was going to buy a roku but every one is talking about tivo (which by the way i used to hav eone & loved it ) had it for 10 years used it everyday - i had no idea they were still in business - im just looking to nice smart tv and then buy a roku or amazon fire stick (or whatever) am i on the right track?buying this tv and then also athisd streaming stick or now do i but a tivo that i havent aeard about in 10 years nut absolutly loved it when i had it help!!!!!!!!!!
  2. cathy voce

    cathy voce New Member

    Jan 12, 2018
    please reposmd and truly give me some help with this thanks cathy
  3. kpeters59

    kpeters59 Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    Most everybody around here really likes their TiVo's...

  4. longrider

    longrider Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Oct 26, 2017
    Elizabeth, CO
    if you are using cable or an antenna then i would absolutely get the TiVo. If you only plan on streaming then forget the TiVo and get a Roku but if it is a smart TV i would see what it can do first for streaming
  5. krkaufman

    krkaufman TDL shepherd

    Nov 25, 2003


    What content are you planning on accessing via your new TV?
    • antenna TV
    • cable TV
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Video
    • Hulu
    • VUDU
    • ...

    Also, keep in mind that 2160p is a 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) resolution, so that should be considered if you find the built-in apps on your TV are insufficient. (I'd recommend sticking w your Smart TV apps for a while, until you find them lagging on software updates.)
  6. CaseyJ

    CaseyJ Always read the plaque

    Apr 26, 2017
    The ATSC 3.0 standard was finalized this week which will bring the capability for 4k OTA (and presumably cable) broadcasts. It's unlikely any TVs have an ATCS 3.0 tuner yet. Currently available 4k TVs will have an ATSC 1.0 tuner which means they will only receive 720p and 1080i broadcasts. They will be able to display streamed content up to 2160p though. I personally wouldn't but a TV now unless I was sure it had an ATSC 3.0 tuner, not just 2160p display.
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  7. alexb

    alexb Active Member

    Jan 4, 2003
    Kirkland, WA
    Tivo is not a streaming first box, it is designed to record off attena and/or cable and happens to do Netflix and amazon.

    If you are looking for more streaming you will likely need a Roku, amazon fire, Apple TV, game console.

    Personally I use tivo for 95% of my viewing and the xfinity app for the rest.
  8. alexb

    alexb Active Member

    Jan 4, 2003
    Kirkland, WA
    This is bad advice given there are zero atsc3 equipped anything and no timetable beyond tests. Based on the old atsc rollout expect to be 5 years from significant broadcasts in my opinion. (Note I am not gonna argue that opinion - it is just that an opinion). Ie why would you tell,someone who is on SD now not to buy a HD tv For 2 to 5 years - which is what you did.
  9. mdavej

    mdavej Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2015
    Cathy, get your Smart tv and see if it does everything you need before you buy anything else. Roku would be redundant. Without knowing if you have cable, satellite, antenna or streaming services we can’t advise you on TiVo. We have TiVo because we want to record things on cable or antenna. That’s the purpose of a TiVo. If you don’t need to do that, then you don’t need one.
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  10. Johncv

    Johncv Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2002
    Chula Vista, CA
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  11. atmuscarella

    atmuscarella Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2005
    Rochester NY
    The one that Best Buy sells (TCL 55P605) is the same TV as the one is the review (TCL 55P607), but the one Best Buy sells comes with different (cheaper) remote, but for Best Buy's $600 price is a pretty hard deal to beat.
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  12. CaseyJ

    CaseyJ Always read the plaque

    Apr 26, 2017
    I disagree with your opinion. I expect ATSC 3.0 tuners in TVs by this summer based on the progress in Korea. Broadcasts in most areas is another matter, but if I buy a 4k TV I want it to receive those broadcasts when they become available. Therefore, as I said, I am not going to buy one.

    Why not wait a short time so it doesn't need to be replaced in 2 to 5 years to get the added features and resolution?
  13. atmuscarella

    atmuscarella Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2005
    Rochester NY
    Well you are posting on a TiVo User Forum, I am guessing not to many people around here, use the tuner in their TV. I expect ATSC 3.0 to be the same most of us will buy an ATSC 3.0 DVR (hopefully one at least powered by TiVo) and not need tuners in our TVs. That said I am happy with my current 1080p Plasma and will not replace it just to buy something new, but if it died tomorrow, I would be buying a new TV as soon as possible and certainly not worry about what tuner it had.
  14. ej42137

    ej42137 Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2014
    Los Angeles
    OP isn't going to do OTA in any case, so even when ATSC 3.0 starts broadcasting an ATSC 3.0 tuner in her TV would be wasted. It would be dumb to wait for, and pay extra for, something she's never going to use.
  15. chicagoenergy

    chicagoenergy energychicago

    Nov 14, 2013
    There will always be newer technologies around the corner. If you wait for the newest and best then you’ll always be waiting.
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  16. philco782

    philco782 Active Member

    Sep 27, 2014
    I have a 43S405 TCL Roku TV. I was hesitant about the brand at first, but read glowing reviews on Amazon and picked this one up for $299 on black friday. Very awesome TV set. Picture is good enough for the money. They keep the Roku firmware updated frequently as well.
  17. scandia101

    scandia101 Just the facts ma'am

    Oct 20, 2007
    MN, greater...
    Because some people don't give a flying monkey's hairy behind really care. I have a 720p tv. My enjoyment of anything I watch would not be increased with a 1080p tv or even a 4k tv nor would the experience be enhanced in anyway. It's just tv.
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