Suits - Season 6 (2016-17) *spoilers*

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    I don't even notice it either, and I also don't understand this forum's obsession about the characters using the word sh*t. I hear that and worse more times in my first hour at work each day than I do in this show.
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    For me it's that it seems to be shoehorned into the dialogue, not natural in any way. Actually, the way they have added G.D. to the dialogue doesn't ring true either. Cursing for the sake of cursing.

    Of course, compared to this week's episode of The Detour, Suits seems pretty tame right now.
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    Seemed kinda odd to me that Mike and Harvey can make a deal about how the legal clinic's relationship with PSL will work without talking to the guy who actually runs the legal clinic.

    For some reason, people on this show seem to spend a lot of time waiting outside another person's house. Nobody calls ahead to see if it's ok to visit. They just show up.

    Pearson, Specter, Litt has the world's worst receptionist. Non-PSL people always just walk into Harvey's office without him being informed about it.

    I don't give anything resembling a crap about The Donna. Actually, Donna and the inventor should be disciplined for working on it during PSL office hours and using PSL resources. I also didn't like Donna's attitude to Louis after the other firm refused to bend to her will. I'm tired of "perfect" Donna anyway. If, for some reason, I still watch this show next season, she'll probably get the ffwd treatment I currently give Louis' subplots.

    It's hard to feel compassion for Louis losing his girlfriend when he's such an idiot in just about every single episode.
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    rcandsc Mark it 8 Dude..

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    And it seems that none of them own a cell phone. Aside from just showing up, Harvey will walk into his office, sit down for 30 seconds, Donna will bring him the newest crisis, and voila, he is headed out to see Robert Zane, or whoever...Seriously, not going to call first?

    One more annoyance is the plot advancements made through simply handing someone a manila folder. They open the folder and bam, everything they need to know is right there.
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    Or how they open up the envelope, take out a thick document, scan it for two seconds and immediately understand all the intricate brilliances of the legal manoeuvrings detailed inside.
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    You guys are cracking me up.

    This thread is much better than the show has been lately!
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    I know. They should read the whole thing out loud. Or, better yet, do a split screen so we can read it.
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    The whole Donna thread in the show is completely ridiculous. I've been in quite a few corporate lawfirms over the years and I've never seen one as disfunctional as this one. For a firm that is supposed to be completely high end, with ONLY Harvard graduates, it's run like a third rate local law firm that barely gets clients. I don't know how they stayed in business this long (and it's only gotten worse and worse). Also, does anyone every work during the day there? It ALWAYS seems that everything happens when it's dark out (excuse to look out of Harvey's office window to show the skyline?)
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    maybe its EST and it's really only 5pm and dark out?

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