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    On this forum back in the early 2000's people kept advising turn the suggestions off, sage wisdom. Tivo is the replacement for a VCR keep it simple, lean and mean and it will serve you. :)
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    Not sure what software version you are on but TiVO on the last software update (21.9.1.V14) changed the suggestions algorithm. It’s now initiated when you record a show/movie.

    What's new in version 21.9.1.V14 for TiVo Experience 4?
    • Suggestions Recording Update: TiVo Suggestions are initiated only after a OnePass or a single explicit recording.

    But just like Netflix’s suggestions it takes months before it has enough data to go on. It’s not like computers can think so the algorithm needs lots of data before suggestions start to make sense. With AI becoming common now the future of suggestions can only get better.
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    We've always left Suggestions enabled going back to Series 1 (2000 for our first) and at least up through TE3 on our Roamio Pro, it continues to do a pretty good job of finding movies and shows that we would watch although as others have mentioned, there is so much content these days that we don't use them as much as we used to.

    We have also always left sound effects enabled too. ;)

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    In the thumbs days, when you did a recording, it added a thumb up.

    So your recording history did affect the suggestions.

    I am on te3, just for the thumbs up and down. And Pytivo use.

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