Suggestion for Tivo - MRV receiver box?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Hichhiker, Apr 13, 2010.

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    TGC answered your question on moving to HD pretty thoroughly. In regards to his speaking of S2 models - TiVo has legacy to deal with. Streaming is the way to go forward but TiVo S2 records only analog and S3 can record analog signals as well. Being able to stream that older analog stuff is likely a big PITA and requires more processor power than an S2 has. Likely the S3 would have issues streaming recordings from analog cable as well.
    The new S4 is likely the first box that can really handle streaming - so TiVo could put out a mate for them but that leaves S3 and S2 users possibly in the dust. TiVo legacy issues on analog cause them a lot of issues other DVR makers do not have to face.

    Moxi basically records only Digital out of the box and you have to ask for a USB Analog tuner if you want to record analog.

    DirecTV owns the whole signal and DVR box so they have always just recorded digital only.
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    I am fully aware of lack of HD in S2's and that I will need to scrap all of them for any upgrade path. This is why I am posting here, in Premiere forum, because thats the obvious first choice I made.

    I am also aware that I will most likely need to dump DTV - I have no attachment to them. 10 years ago DTivo was king, today a premiere with cable is so much better :).

    The reason nothing will work with UVerse is that its a completely different animal from all the other systems. I do not know this for sure, but from what I've seen, it is very much like (or maybe it is) the stuff I saw at Next Level (now Motorola) when I did some consulting work for them 10 years back. Their setup, I think, is basically ALL MRV(to oversimplify it) - your "DVR" "records" at the CO and you can stream it to any TV with a STB. Basically its an on-demand system that pretends to be a DVR. I suppose you can create a cable card for that, but a DVR with a hard drive in this case is very much redundant.

    As for new HD Dtivo - part of me hopes that DTV is smart and will make the MRV on this unit compatible with their own unit's MRV - meaning that the box I am describing here IS the DTV STB. That would be awesome, but I would guess unlikely. I am also not holding my breath for this thing to actually appear - as its been "coming this year" since 2008 - I'll believe it when I see it.

    As for the GPS - as per earlier post, I stand corrected.

    I have assumed that would be the case, thus posting this idea in Premiere forum. I suppose with some disk space you can do transfers instead of streaming, but either way I have no illusions that my S2 boxes will have to go and if there is a "mate" I would be buying an S4 box of some sort.

    Thanks. Their SD product seems like a consumer friendly version of what I already have but I am curious about their upcoming HD product and what it can handle. I doubt it would handle HDMI, but even component+optical audio may be good enough for my needs. All I want to know is the price. I actually ordered a ZeeVee box to play with QAM modulation, but thats analog only (VGA). if "Bocs HD" is cheap enough, I could totally live with component limitation on most TVs (I can run HDMI baluns for a few key TVs) and this will actually work. Anyone know if Premiere can output both HDMI and Component (and Composite??) at same time? If I can get all three at same time, I could have a perfect system - 2 Premiere's, 2 HDMI baluns, Bocs HD + my existing SVideo system will cover everything I need and then some. 2 locations will have HDMI Premiere connections. Every digital TV can tune into QAM signal from either TIVO via BOCS, and all analog TVs (I still have a few) can still see content in SD. This would be perfect. (I'll have to run extra CAT6's for HDMI drops, but thats easy)

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    Normally I wait for drives to come down in price a bit before I go out and get them.

    My problem was I had 1.5tb drives in my two DLNA NAS systems and both were completely MAXED out at the time. I was dying for more space. So I couldn't wait.

    However, since then to give me even more breathing room, I purchased another NAS device. Although this one isn't DLNA certified. That has allowed me to move some of my "Non-Media" stuff off the DLNA NAS devices and put it on this new one. Leaving my DLNA NAS devices to store & serve nothing but meda. (Music, Photos, Video). Now when the 3TB or 4TB drives come out I won't be so rushed to get those drives! LOL

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    Read through the thread.

    The Moxi should be prefect for you. Using internal drive and eSATA you can get quite a bit of storage space.
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    Apple TV works as a media extender for me; I have two of them and they don't get a lot of airtime but they are pretty nifty, and relatively cheap little boxes. I have a Mac, but presumably it would work on a PC. I just used iTivo to transfer the show from the Tivo to my Mac and automatically convert to Apple TV format - as soon as its in my iTunes library I can instantly stream to either Apple TV. Streaming actually works very well - even HD streaming. I have transfers scheduled to happen in the middle of the night. The only real complaint I have is that the transfer/convert speed is a little slower than I'd like for HD recordings but it isn't any slower than MRV.

    I thought about the Slingbox option, but after costing it out and realizing it didn't work on wireless it wasn't really a viable solution by the time you buy everything you'd need.

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