Sudden Switched Video Issues

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by TivoRocks193, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Aug 10, 2005
    I have two TiVos, one Series 3 with two singlestream cablecards and one HD multi-stream cablecard. About eight months ago, I installed two Switched Video boxes, one on each TiVo, in order to access switched video provided by my cable provider, Cablevision.

    The switched video boxes blink green when they are trying to establish connection and solid when they have authorization. Originally, they blinked for 30 minutes when I was activating them and remained solid for months. In the last few weeks, they've alternated between blinking green and solid green for hours or even days at a time, indicating they are having serious problems maintaining authorization. The extra frustrating part is that when they successfully reactivate, they stop whatever the Tivo was recording.

    I've had two Cablevision repair techs over and both have realized that both of the boxes acting up at the same time means a systemic issue is at play. The most recent one, though, claims a TiVo software update is to blame that interferes with communication between the cable cards and the switched video boxes. Has there been any recent updates to TiVo software that would impact the performance of switched video boxes? Anyone have suggestions as to what I should tell the cable provider for what, to me, appears to be an issue with their network?
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    From the green light it sounds like you have Cisco SA1520 Tuning Adapters, correct? (Model number is on the box.) When the lights blink are they blinking constantly or 8-blinks-pause? Or 6-blinks pause? 8-blinks means they need authorization signal from cable co. 6-blinks means the TA cannot communicate with the TiVo, e.g., USB cable is unplugged or defective, or maybe need to reboot the tivo.
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    Aug 10, 2005
    Correct, its the Cisco SA1520 on both boxes. Thanks for the tips on blinking, didn't know there was a pattern to it.

    The Cabelevision rep was just over and changed one of the boxes out and now its working. I'll see how long it holds as the previous box worked fine for a couple hours/days and then seemed to lose authorization. The other box is just blinking with no pauses.

    The Cablevision tech who was just over was the worst I have ever had whose suggestions ranged from "Buy a TiVo Premiere and try again" to "Just don't watch Switched Video channels, you don't need them". He asked me if the two boxes were the same models, trying to imply its a problem with the model like a recall, at which point I said they were not and he said "Oh, well then they both just went bad". He also claimed another Cablevision subscriber with 2 TiVos had the same issue and it must have been the boxes. I explained the likelihood of 4 TiVos suddenly going bad at the same time and he just ignored me and blamed it on integration with TiVo.

    Back to my original question, has there been any software updates that might have caused this?

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