Stuttering Video & Toast 8, redux

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    Feb 27, 2003


    I've been playing around a bit more with the issue of "stuttering" video when downloaded and burned with Toast 8 on my mac.

    I thought I had an "A Ha!" moment (as in the lightbulb came on, not that I had either fallen into a comic book or the band suddenly sprang into my home...) when I realized that I was burning shows that I had downloaded with Toast's programs.

    I got a(n) MPEG-4 file that was completely separate from Toast and burned it. It too "stuttered" (it seems to be losing a frame or so every second) when played on our one DVD player.

    So much for that theory.

    I now have one more thought: Perhaps it is my DVD Burner's firmware.

    I have a Pioneer DVR-111D as my burner. Per Apple's system information thing, its firmware is 1.19. Pioneer's website has the most recent firmware listed as 1.29.

    I'll have to pull the DVD burner out of my mac and throw it into my PC to update the firmware... But before I go through the pain of doing that, is it possible this would "cure" the stuttering issue that a few of us are seeing when we use Toast?


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