Stuttering, remote non responsive, then reboots itself

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Jeff Lam, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I have an original S3 that is about 4 years old. I have lifetime service on it now and have recently (about a year ago) replaced the original drive with a 1TB Hitachi. Anyway, just tonight the unit started to be non responsive to the remote and pauses and stutters like its in slo motion and jittery. Then it reboots itself after a few minutes of that. Did it a few times and I finally decided to look up the issue. Maybe the HD is bad? I just put it in a year ago or less. Brand new drive.

    Is this a common issue? what fixes are there?

  2. V7Goose

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    Classic symptoms of a bad HDD. Run the Kickstart codes to test drive and content for errors, or pull the drive and run Hitachi's test utility on it from a computer.
  3. dlfl

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    If the drive tests OK, check the power supply voltages. The power to the hard drive should be 5V +/-5% and 12V +/-10% . Also look for any capacitors with bulging cases -- which need replaced (or a new PS).
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    Hello. I have this same problem. TiVo support told me to try putting a splitter on the cable line that goes into the TiVo box. I did this and it really didn't work.
    I have not tried anything else yet. I also am looking for anyone who had the same issues, and any fixes. Thank you all!

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    My Tivo Series II did that, sent it to Weaknees and they replaced the drive and put the TV programs on it.
  6. dlfl

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    And in your case: what model is the TiVo -- please give model# because there is some confusion on Series 3 models.

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