Stuttering image with antenna input signal

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by losmorob, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Wow. My last log in was in 2007!
    Well I'm back with a new Tivo Premiere. I'm using antenna only input (bye bye Direct TV) and experiencing 'stuttering' video signals. It seems to happen when there is a lot of motion in the image, watching football is a classic example. I tried a direct input from my antenna to my TV and the signal is good, no stutter, or judder. So it's not my signal or tv. Ideas? Do I have a bad Tivo? Has anyone else experienced ota signal issues with the Tivo?
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    Dec 6, 2011
    Yeah i have signal issues
  3. ThAbtO

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    Check the signal strength from the Tivo. There is a signal strength meter in the menu and it would be different from your TV. If you get 85% or less, you may need an amp.
  4. Peter G

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    Jan 3, 2012
    My experience with Premiere (got it in Novemebr 2011) is that the tuner in the box is significantly inferior to the tuners in most HDTVs. Attic mounted antenna with long cable runs and splitters provided good signal at 3 Tvs in the house. Assumed the TiVo would get same results with same input - not so! Original set-up - the box did not find a single channel. I thought it was defective and exchanged it. Second box had same behavior. I pulled out an old set of rabbit ears with a short cable and got reception, but not sufficient to eliminate pixelating and picture freeze. Besides I did not want to have to deal with rabbit ears in the bonus room - my wife was not happy.

    Added a powered distribution amp to the antenna and tried again - signal even better on the TVs (found more channels) but nothing on TiVo. Ran a cable direct from the antenna in the attic to the TiVo without the amp - finally saw signal but weaker than the rabbit ears! Conclusion - TiVo needs short cable run, good antenna and does not like any amplifier in the mix.

    Not ready to give up, I purchased a second identical antenna (Channel Master 3016) and connected to the TiVo with short cable as a test (holding it up in the bonus room). Signal strength now somewaht better than the rabbit ears but very sensitive to the antenna position.

    The second dedicated antenna is now mounted about 5 feet below the TiVo in the garage with about 20 foot Coax (RG6). Most channels are OK but the NBC channel is not consistent. I will probabaly try other locations for the antenna until I get it right.

    Bottom line is the tuners in TiVo have issues - need a dedicated antenna - no amplifier, short cable. You want to see a signal strength close to 60 and it needs to be stable to get good results through the TiVo. If not for this I would highly recommend the unit but this is a serious shortcoming.

    Peter G in Suburban Raleigh NC.
  5. ncted

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    May 13, 2007
    Durham, NC


    Hi Peter,

    Where are you in Raleigh? I live in Brier Creek and get good reception with an indoor, non-directional antenna. Just about anywhere in Raleigh should be able to pull in all the local channels.


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