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    May 7, 2004


    OK, I have a show that I transferred and stripped the commericals out of with Video Redo. The file is right at 2.0 gigs (it's 90 minutes.) I import it into DVD Movie Factory and all of a sudden it magically becomes 5.0 gigs and it's too big to fit on a DVD. I can import a 500 meg file and it stays 500 megs inside DVDMF so what's the problem? I've monkeyed with all the quality settings and I can't do anything to change the file size.

    I know I need something else to author my DVDs but I need to burn a disc right NOW. Any suggestions?

  2. dagap

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    Dec 5, 2003
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    Write it out to your hard drive as DVD file structure then use DVD Shrink (free) to shrink it.

    Dunno about Right Now, though... it might take two hours to shrink it.

    If it's super time critical, then it might be faster to buy a double layer DVD blank at the nearest office or computer store. Probably cost you $5 or so for one disc.
  3. ACraigL

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    Feb 12, 2003
    Just change the settings. By default, it will not re-encode compliant DVD formats, but perhaps it thinks it's non-compliant. There is a little configure button on the bottom-left... mess around with that and see what you get. You can tweak the birates and such to reduce the size.

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