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    OK, based on all the threads I've read on here, I think I'm SOL, but I thought I'd put forth a final plea to see if there's anything I can do to salvage my TiVo.

    I have a TiVo HD with 2 750GB Seagate drives, one internal, one external. I have Cox cable in the Phoenix area with one m-card cablecard and a Cisco tuning adapter.

    Other than a problem with the enclosure for the external drive (drive was fine, enclosure was crap and needed replacement), and all of the issues that got introduced with the tuning adapter, it has otherwise been a champ for many years, and is the center of our TV viewing experience.

    Ever since the tuning adapter got introduced into the equation the stability of my TiVo has been comprimized (it was rock solid until we had to get the tuning adapter). Sometimes the tuning adapter locks up, sometimes I can get the non-SDV channels but not the SDV channels, etc. Always solvable by unplugging everything and rebooting, albeit annoying. But the bigger annoying issue has been the constant message saying my schedule data is running out and I need to connect to the TiVo service when, in fact, it is not, but requiring a reboot to get the message to go away.

    But then lately the situation go worse, and I started getting S03 errors when connecting to the TiVo service. Per reading here I tried a kickstart 57, which fixed it once so that I could get another week's worth of schedule data, but then the S03 error came back again, and trying kickstart 57 again didn't fix it.

    One thing I noticed on the TiVo was that the garbage collection (GC) had not run since January. Again, on here somebody suggested running without the tuning adapter connected for a few days and see if that helps. So I did that, and sure enough, after a day or two the GC ran, and then after that, it would connect again. This seemed all good, except that even though it got new schedule data, it did not repoplulate the To Do list with all of the shows we should have been getting via our 80 or so season passes. I tried rebooting and so forth, but with no luck. If I go to any of my season passes and look at upcoming programs, it says there aren't any, even though if I go to the guide data they are there.

    So, I figure, now that I've got the GC caught up again and it can call in successfully again, let me give kickstart 57 another try. This is where it all went bad. As reported in other threads that have this same issue, it powers up to the point of the green screen for running the kickstart 57 diagnostics, but after 5-10 seconds, the TiVo reboots. It did this all night long last night. Unplugging it and plugging it back in again didn't help. Trying to enter other kickstart codes in hopes of getting it into a different kickstart mode that doesn't loop doesn't work. Basically, it's stuck in an endless kickstart 57 loop.

    Are there any options to fix this situation short of starting over with a new hard drive? If I have to start over, is there any way at all to salvage all of our recorded programs, season passes, etc.?

    Anything at all that could help would be most appreciated.


    - Jay

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