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Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by JonFo, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Dec 26, 1999
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    On my Hughes HDVR2, I just installed a new PTVupgrade drive and failed to do the Clear and Delete thing and went stright into guided setup. Big mistake.

    First, the guided setup looks like it's asking questions for a SD, not a directTV unit, but anyway, I pick Satelite and get to the 'enter your email address screen) and it reboots. Right back into guided setup.

    I can't get to the main Tivo menu, no matter what I try.

    I've searched for over an hour on this board and on google and can't find a way out to the main menu to to a Clear and Delete.

    Hints, links or tips all welcome.
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    If you use Instantcake with PTVnet no need to clear and delete everything. To get to menu system press your Directv button. When setting up the system start at the bottom and work up. I assume you were talking about Zip-Code and not really email address because the Tivo software is not Email capable to my knowledge.
  3. JonFo

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    Dec 26, 1999
    Big Canoe,...
    Thanks for the reply, my new drive is a pre-configured drive from DVRUpgrade with PTVnet installed.

    On first boot, it did what the instructions described, which is that it ran through an initial series of steps without any user intervention, then rebooted.
    After the reboot, it showed the TiVo menu, but you really could not do anything. So I went into Guided setup.

    I'm now permanently stuck in guided setup, no way to exit to the Main menu, the tivo button on the front panel or remote does nothing but sound the 'bad choice' beep.

    I'd never seen a D* tivo ask for an email address either, but that's the screen it reboots on.

    Before the email screen, it does mention DirecTV, but the fact that the UI for selecting Antenna, cable, Sat is there is confusing, If it's a D* TiVo, why show me those choices?

    Anyway, I think the Service ID needs to be set by doing a C&D. How do I get out of GS hell?

    Is there a 'Pause-n-n' sequence that will force a C&D?
  4. tivoupgrade

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    JonFo -

    We looked up your order and sent you an email... from your descriptions, it sounds like you were mistakenly sent the wrong drive. We'll confirm that with you offline and on Monday we'll send you the correct kit along with a return label for the one you just received. If you haven't already, please put your original drive back in the unit.

    Thx and sorry for the inconvenience.


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