Stuck at Powering Up and dd_rescue not helping...

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by retrieverfalcon, Jul 11, 2007.

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    I have a SD-DVR40 that I upgraded to include two 120GB drives a few years back. This past weekend, the system started acting up and would freeze and become unresponsive to the remote. A hard boot would reset the system back to working. Suspecting that this might be a drive issue, I opened the case to check on the drive configuration (so I knew what drive replacements to go get from storage). Determined it was 2 x 120GB. When I plugged the unit back in (knowing I was tempting fate but since the drives were dying and going to be replaced and the problem had just started I thought I would at least survive the night), the system stopped responding at the Powering Up.. screen.

    Figuring the drives had just died, I shut the power off to the unit and got out a replacement 120GB drive. I downloaded the latest MFSLive iso and setup my PC to attempt to use dd_rescue to attempt to retain whatever programs I could. Setup the A drive as hda, the new drive as hdd and the CD-Rom as hdc. Ran dd_rescue -A -v /dev/hda /dev/hdd and everything proceeded fine. dd_rescue reported no errors at all. Figured the problem must be the B drive at this point, so I setup the PC with the B drive as hda, new drive as hdd, and CD-Rom as hdc. Ran the same dd_rescue command. A few hours later, I had the same results - a seemingly fine copy with no reported errors. Tried the new B drive (with the original A drive) in the Tivo just for kicks and still only getting to Powering up.

    Both original drives seem to power and run fine in the PC, dd_rescue isn't reporting any errors but I am still stuck.

    Any one have any ideas?
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    Double-check your jumper settings. I think Tivo delivers hard drives where the jumpers specifically say which is master and which is slave. A lot of new hard drives come with the jumpers set to cable-select. Whether you use cable locations or jumpers, make sure your A drive is being recognized as the master and the B drive as the slave. I had this same problem after using dd_rescue. Thought the rescue had failed but then realized i had inadvertently swapped cable locations. I then double-checked the jumpers, and the cable locations and got everything configured correctly and boom - system up and running again. And this was after running a dd_rescue that had hundreds of errors. I have now successfully used dd_rescue on a Series 2 standalone 140-type and the DirecTV HR-250.

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