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    Riddle me this...

    Lets say I decide to get rid of my FiOS TV...

    Using a TiVo Stream 4K, actually, maybe a few of them throughout the house, is there any way to re-create the entire experience of viewing a TV Guide, consisting of local channels, cable channels, paid networks, etc. and so on, to view, watch and record onto a hard drive or even a cloud? Again, I want channels that would normally come with a cable service, not just random streams from abroad that have no relation to my location. I'm in the USA, California, specifically.

    I'd hate to just get rid of my existing TiVo equipment (Bolt and two Minis), I threw down a lot of dough for those, particularly with a lifetime subscription. Unfortunately, the availability of compatible apps aren't keeping up with TiVo, plus the Mni boxes I have (A93) DO NOT handle Netflix and Amazon Prime very well.
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    Stream 4k does not have a hard drive, cannot record, cannot use cable channels, only used to stream content off the internet.

    Why get rid of something that can do what you want, record shows, etc.

    If you want something better to stream, just add on a Roku or Amazon Fire TV.
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    Get Youtube TV and any streaming device you wish, even the TS4K if that's your preference. It has a guide and local channels just like cable TV and cloud recording. Check out some of the cord cutting threads around here. Many of us ex-Tivo users have happily made the transition and saved a lot of money in the process.

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