Streaming from TiVo box while on the LAN: what is the traffic path?

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    Dec 14, 2020


    I recently discovered that you can go to the TiVo Online website to use web streaming to watch shows that are on your TiVo (provided that the web broswer is on the same LAN as the TiVo box).

    What I curious about is this: is the video I'm streaming being uploaded from my TiVo out to the internet and then back from the internet into my PC? Or is it smart enough to know to keep all the traffic just on the LAN?

    And I suppose I have the same question when streaming with the android TiVo app while your device is on the same network as the TiVo.

    With Comcast instituting data caps on their broadband service, this question becomes even more important.
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    It's internal. I pulled my modem cable from the router and was able to stream a program to my PC from a Roamio.
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    To add on to with Joe said the website uses a webstocket from your browser to the tivo servers to get the tivo to start the streaming encoder. The format is a rpc like message. Your browser then connects to a HLS stream on port 49152 on the tivo like

    I wrote a little POC that when provided a recording id and webtoken sets up the stream and I was able to play it with vlc. If the quality of the streaming was better I would share it.

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