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    First off, Comcast today replaced my DVR with a brand newin the box RNG-200 and it is working fine at my main TV viewing area with the 1TB External. Finally. :)

    To keep peace in the family, I have decided to keep the Comcast box there as my wife likes caller ID and OnDemand functionality.

    OK, with that said, I want to purchase a brand new TivoHD for the den. Run either a 1 TB external or upgrade the internal. One or the other. I want to be able to stream video from the den Tivo to my TV in the main viewing area. What is the best way to do this? Should i just plan on downloading all video to the imac and then stream through my wireless network to my Oppo 93 Blue Ray player? (Hey, I'm retired, couldn't afford the 95). Or, could I just go from my Tivo directly to the OPPO? I will only want to stream HD. Opinions please? :D I plan on controlling the Tivo with a Harmony remote with RF adapter.
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    Almost certainly, you will have to rely on the computer as an intermediary, yes. The TiVo doesn't share its recordings using DLNA or any other standard, but only via HMO, TiVo's own unique interface. Unless you can add software to the Oppo?

    Also, be aware that Comcast will probably flag some channels as uncopyable.
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    TiVo's don't stream. If the video is not copy protected a copy can be transferred to a computer or to another TiVo. You might consider a TiVo Premiere if you're going to do a lot of HD transfers. The THD transfer speeds are lmited to somewhat slower than real time for full HD videos while the Premiere transfers 2 or 3 times faster.

    Also, an internal expansion to 1 or 2 TB is much preferable to an external drive. Drive failures are the most common TiVo failure so you double the probability with two drives. And you lose all recordings if either drive fails because TiVo splits each recording between internal and external drives.
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    YMMV - on a wired network I can routinely get 20mbps transfers from HD to HD which is faster than real time for HD shows, and good enough to skip commercials if you don't start playing for a few minutes. But the Premieres rock for MRV, I just wished they streamed instead of copied.
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    My results were the same. My S3 and TiVoHD boxes both had faster than realtime transfer rates. And my Premiere transfer rates are several times faster. 85mb/s to 95mb/s.
  7. bradleys

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    Oct 31, 2007

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