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    No, sorry. I rarely use my Roamio Pro for anything but the original intended purpose. I find its apps and in general anything besides live TV and playback of its own recordings to be slow, cumbersome, and often buggy.

    I use various streaming devices from Amazon and Apple to stream music and video when I want to do that. The only useful thing I do on occasion with the TiVo apps is if I'm watching an old series like, say, Star Trek Voyager, I can hit the Record button and from there get the TiVo to load Netflix and it will come up with that episode and play it without commercials and in better quality. That's kinda fun and useful, although it's been a while since I've done even that. When the $25 (on sale - $50 when not) Amazon Firestick 4K can run circles around the Roamio apps in speed, video and audio quality, I'd much rather use that.

    I have no idea how apps perform on the newer faster TiVo hardware, though, just the Roamio. I also have four Minis, and using the apps on those is what I imagine dripping water torture would be like. Unbearably slow and buggy, crashing more often than not.
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    The TV episodes work great with plex, as long as they are named properly. There was a kmttg thread around here that showed the proper naming. I have kmttg set to automatically transfer my TiVo recordings to my HD plex machine. Then kmttg automatically names them in a plex friendly way. After it's converted from the .tivo extension. And then plex scrapes the folders and all the TiVo recordings show up properly in plex. And then I have access to the content from dozens of devices.

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