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    I'm a techie with a techie household so I have the resources to try most solutions.

    Right now I've got PlayOn running on one of my PC's so I'm able to stream Hulu, Amazon etc out to my Xoom, game consoles, Etc. throughout the house. I've also been able to pull content from my Tivo with iTivo and save it to my NAS to stream with PlayOn, when I remember to queue stuff up.

    What I'm hoping to find is, is there a way to get content from the Tivo out to my Xoom, through PlayOn or not, without the step of remembering to queue/convert/save the file to my NAS? Like if I'm sitting at work, realize that the newest episode of Big Bang Theory was on last night, and I forgot to set iTivo to grab it is there any way I can get it off the Tivo remotely?
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    Look for a php web application called Albratross. It is very basic at this time. I know I had to do lots of tweaks just to get it working right and it needs even more to run consistently.

    The basic idea is that it provides a web interface to the shows on the Tivo. When a show is requested it uses a combination of WGet or CURL (Forgot which), TivoDecode and FFMPEG to trancode it to FLV which can be played on many devices.

    The major problem is that the buffers needed are beyond what the avergae windows sets up for pipes, so at some point you will get buffer underuns on the CURL and TivoDecode pukes. On top of this it leaves FFMPEG as a zombie process.

    I always planned to update this app to
    1) When an show is requested it spawns a discrete download process CURL.
    2) Tivo Decode is called on this to a temp file
    3) FFMPEG is called on this temp file. This should get around buffer underruns, but may require the user to wait a minute or to for the "buffer" to build.

    But I never had the time or desire to tackle this.

    Anyways long winded answer to your question.


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