Stranger Things Season 2 thread - SPOILERS

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    You know, they didn't really kill him.

    That cat playing that cat probably lives better than most cats could ever dream of. And he's probably very well-loved by his owner/trainer. You should be happy for him.
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    Thread Bump!

    I just finished binging this over the holiday weekend and I enjoyed it better than S1. The thing about Stranger Things that I enjoy is that the characters are not just "insert adolescent here" types, but they really do feel like kids and you feel vested in them (but, I will say it feels a little strange that NONE of them seem to have much fear and are always willing to go into holes and caves and laboratories, but since I like the kids, I'll ignore that :) ) With that said, i think what I enjoyed more about S2 is that they didn't have to spend a lot of time on backstories for the main characters and they could make it more plot driven because of that. I think, especially the last half of the season, it flowed better because of that. I generally don't like the horror genre, but I enjoyed this a lot.

    As for Max, I think initially she was written in to the story to be the adolescent heart throb. I made a thread about tropes and this is ia common trope among adolescent series where the "new girl" comes to town and "the gang" all wants to get to know her. But I think she served a couple of purposes. One, was to create conflict between the boys so it wasn't all rosy between them. And another was to help Eleven/Jane want to figure out where she came from. The scene where she saw Mike goofing around with Max made her realize that perhaps the boys "moved on" or that she has some competition.

    About Hopper keeping her locked up, I thought that was really creepy. Sorry, but it gave off a pedophile vibe. I know why he did it (although it took me a couple of episodes to remember why), it just felt like she was being kidnapped. But I'm glad he apologized to her, and that he's now her legal guardian.

    I'm really looking forward to S3. You just knew that somehow that monster was not dead.

    Oh, and the dance.....maybe one of the best scenes on TV I've seen in a long time. I know it was really hokey, but it got me emotional, and the way it was handled, you really could feel the sparks. These kids are great actors (although the actor who plays Dustin I'm sick of from the commercials he's in, glad to see him back in the show being...Dustin.)
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    Did Dig Dug really allow a 6-character name (e.g., "MADMAX") if you got a high score? My recollection is that video games of that era only allowed 3 characters.
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    That’s the part of this show you find unrealistic? :)
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    Doing a google image search looks like it was probably 3-character names in Dig Dug but Dig Dug 2 allowed 6.
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    If you top scored on Robotron, you could enter Vice-Principal Rundberg is a total *********!
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    Huh? I have a Robotron machine but have no clue as to what you're saying.
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    Ready Player One, but maybe not all editions.

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    How is someone able to post a link in their very first post? I thought you had to have a minimum number of posts before you could post links?
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    Eleven looks like Ralph Macchio. Just an observation.

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