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Discussion in 'TiVo Home Media Features & TiVoToGo' started by Gavroche, Mar 14, 2009.

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    This is not a problem at all, but I'm sure curious as to what could possibly be happening.

    I use PyTivo from a Vista machine to transfer all sorts of video to my 3 Tivos. I have 1 Series 3 and 2 Series 2 Tivos.

    I recently purchased the DVD set of "The Lone Gunmen" and for a long time now I no longer watch purchased DVD's on my DVD players because I prefer the awesome Tivo interface to anything that any of my DVD players offer.

    Therefore, I rip the DVD's for playback on Tivo.

    I also use a Meta Generator to create the meta data necessary to give these things descriptions and program ID's etc...

    The issue is that on my Series 3 Tivo "The Lone Gunmen" episodes appear in their own folder, but on my Tivo Series 2 boxes they do not.

    I originally thought that perhaps "The Lone Gunmen" was actually showing on a channel that my Series 3 box gets but my seris 2 boxes do not. After doing a search tonight I have found that this is not the case. "The Lone Gunmen" do not air on any channel.

    How is it, then, that I get a nice folder on my series 3 box but not on my series 2 boxes. Any ideas?

    It is my understanding that grouping in this manner will only occur if the Program ID appears in the program guide.
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    I am under the same understanding as you with the exception that this does not mean in the current program guide. I think the TiVo may actually keep a buffer of IDs for some period of time after they have been in the schedule even if they are not currently in the guide.

    Obviously, shows stay in folders on the TiVo after they are recorded even when no longer in the guide. But I have had this same thing happen with simple MRV between TiVo's for shows I have had recorded for months. They start in a group on one TiVo, but when I MRV they are not in a group.

    I know this has happened but perhaps I went from TiVo A to TiVo B where TiVo B doesn't have that channel on it so some info is lost but the shows are in folders , then at some later point I transfer to TiVo C and the shows are no longer in folders.

    So this may not be a pyTiVo issue at all.
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    It's not what's in the program guide, it's what's in the index database I think. I just replaced the HD in my Series 3, and I started moving back stuff from the old one via pyTiVo the first day. When I did that the only series that got into a folder was the stuff that was going to be on in the next day or two. I checked, and the guide had data out 2 weeks, but you couldn't search for anything more than a day or two old. After a few days the index got finished and everything I was moving back would go into folders correctly.

    So it may have something to do with a difference between the indices on the two TiVos, not the guide data.
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    But that still means that "The Lone Gunmen" must have been listed in the guide at SOME point, yes? Which would mean it was actually ON at some point?

    Well, gosh... if I'd known that I would have just Tivo'd the thing and wouldn't have spent the money on the DVDs.


    (Great show, by the way... too bad it was canceled after only 1 season!)

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