Strange error on TiVo Bolt VOX

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Glenn Williams, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Glenn Williams

    Glenn Williams New Member

    Oct 25, 2019
    I received a replacement for my TiVo Bolt+ the other day. I have gone through setup several times, and receive the same error on startup. The error persists every time the box restarts. It does not come up when coming out of standby, only when the box is restarted. The UI shows behind it. If I click Continue immediately when it shows up, then it comes back up a few seconds later with the UI behind it, but it cannot be cleared. I have to wait a few seconds before I hit continue. I've attached a pic with the error.

    I've had 2 calls with TiVO support, both were unable to resolve. They had me connect to TiVO, restart the box, pull all cables except HDMI and power. None of this has had any success.

    I've also gone through Guided Setup twice, same result each time. I completely factory-defaulted and erased everything before doing the setup.

    I'm finding nothing in searches for various parts of the error that is concerned with TiVO.


    For search purposes, here is the text:

    Please Investigate This Problem
    TSN: <my TSN>
    IP: <my IP address>
    The current date & time: <correct current date and time>
    What you did immediately before this message appeared <always blank>
    This error information: EXTERNAL ASSERT: false: JSON-Trio caught error creation error: Inva
    enum value name: managedAndroidTv is not in { stb=>8, androidTv =>23, androidPhoneHigh =>9, xbox =>14, iosDevice =>18, webPlayer => 5, iPhone =>4, androidDevice =>16, androidPhoneLow =>10, androidTablet =>2, roku =>22, androidTabletHigh =>11, mobileDevice =>7, androidTvSony =>24, firePhone =>20, fireTv =>26, rokuTv =>27, iPad =>3, any =>6, appleTv =>25, fireDevice =>17, fireTablet =>21, cdvr =>19, npvr =>15, androidTabletLow =>12, androidPhone =>1,}
    (com.tivo.core.trio.TrioObject.fromJsonString(), line 153 (TrioObject.hx))
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  2. Glenn Williams

    Glenn Williams New Member

    Oct 25, 2019
    Just had my third call with Support. They believe the box is defective, so they are shipping me another replacement.

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