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Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Einselen, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Einselen

    Einselen ɹǝsn pǝɹǝʇsıƃǝɹ

    Apr 25, 2006


    New reality show on Bravo. My guess is no one is watching it. Randi Zuckerberg (Mark's sister) is executive producer. The cast is of course good looking 20 somethings which a few have some past history with each other. This show seems to focus more on the MTV Real World/Jersey shore style than a show about Silicon Valley. Heck, I bet most was filmed in Southern California with only B-Roll from the Valley. With all that said though I am watching the next episode. :D Anyone else catch it?
  2. Einselen

    Einselen ɹǝsn pǝɹǝʇsıƃǝɹ

    Apr 25, 2006
    81 views and no responses. I am guessing no one is watching it or at least wants to admit to watching it :p
  3. Regina

    Regina I've got Jewbs!

    Mar 29, 2003

    LOL :D I just heard about it on NPR this afternoon, didn't really sound like my cup of tea. I saw this post and wanted to know what others thought...:p
  4. sallypnut

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    Oct 8, 2001
    I actually work at a startup in the Valley, and pretty much everyone I know thinks this show is completely ridiculous. :)
  5. inaka

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    Nov 26, 2001


    I actually met Dwight twice. Both times were at parties about a year ago before he was on that show. Super nice guy actually and we were both about as drunk as they showed him on the first episode. He's a smart guy, and probably the only one I would bank on making it from that show.

    As for the show, they definitely shoot it here in "silicon valley" even though a lot of it from the first episode was from San Francisco.

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