Star Trek: Voyager reunion - Tuesday, May 26th at 8 p.m. ET

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    Wasn't sure if it should go here. From Star Trek: Voyager Reunion Is Happening,
    It is listed at Stars In The House seems to be their channel.
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    Streaming right now, btw. :)

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    This was fun to watch--I imagine similar to a panel at a Comicon. An archive of the panel still is available to watch.

    There was lots of talk about how much the cast liked each other. I've sometimes read that Jeri Ryan felt that Kate Mulgrew had a problem with her, to the level that Ryan would suffer from severe performance anxiety when a scene between the two was coming up (Ryan typically hasn't named Mulgrew, but just refers to another unnamed actor on the show--people have filled in Mulgrew)--it was interesting to watch Mulgrew's reactions on this panel when Ryan was speaking, oftentimes a switch to a less-expressioned face.

    Again, thanks to @cwerdna for the alert as to the panel.
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