Star Trek:TNG "When the Bough Breaks" (S1E17)

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    OAD 2/15/1988

    Oh, dear God. I want this 45 minutes of my life back. This whole thing was on par with a bad episode of the Original Series, including the FX. We've got a civilization that is apparently made up of 6 people. They have the technology to track the Enterprise in deep space and lure it to their location, but they can't figure out why they're sick and infertile. There's the god machine that provides for them.

    Actually, I take the TOS comment back. TOS did this story at least 3 times...and they did it better.

    There's so much bad with this episode that I'm just going to point out one thing--something that could have pushed this episode into greatness and really developed the Wesley Crusher character. When Wes gets all the kids together, how cool would it have been for him to plan out the traditional "We're going to break into the God device and destroy it to give us the upper hand" move that Kirk always did? He could have come up with a plan for the kids to distract the half dozen adults on the planet, broken into the computer with his immense nerditude, shut down the shield and had everyone beamed up. Instead, wimpy Wesley puts the kids on a pitiful hunger strike. Blah.
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    Wow. For what seems like the first time in these threads, I'm going to disagree somewhat with Tim. I won't disagree with the civilization of 6 people... that's early TNG for you, not a lot of money for extravagant numbers of extras and such. I also won't disagree that a species capable of cloaking a planet should have been able to diagnose and treat radiation sickness.

    However, I thought this was a very good effort from Wil Wheaton and a decently written episode focusing on Wesley. I thought Wesley did very well, stepping up and being a leader among these kids, while still remembering that he too is still just an older kid. In fact, I would have been more irritated had Wesley done more, because it would have been just one more "Wesley saves the day" episode that inspired alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die.

    There was one scene that made me laugh a little, when the captain went to visit Wesley on the planet. The way I interpreted the scene was more like:
    Wesley: Hey, Captain, I got the whole computer system of this alien race figured out in three days! Want me to save the day again?
    Captain: Uhm. Gee. That's great and all, but the script didn't call for you to learn the computer.
    Wesley: You sure? It's really no effort, and the fans won't hate me much more than they already do...
    Captain: No, that's OK. I'll just have the grown-ups go and scramble it in 30 seconds, even though they've never seen it in their lives. But we'll make sure that you get your "alien computer hacking" merit badge and all for the effort.
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    Data was on a recent "Alphas" episode. I did not initially recognize him.
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    Another I haven't seen in many years and it was not as bad as I was expecting, being a Wesley ep. The story was decent and the execution wasn't bad, though the afore-mentioned budget issues hurt the scenes on the planet. The lack of other people really stuck out.

    I'll agree with Loadstar and disagree with doom. I'm glad Wesley didn't save the day, though I didn't really like the "passive resistance" angle.

    I wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't caught the name in the credits. The younger woman on Aldaea (sp?) was played by Brenda Strong, best known to me as Sue Ellen Mischke (The Bra-less Wonder) on "Seinfeld".

    The most annoying thing about it? That musical cue used for the children.
  5. LoadStar

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    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI


    Even though I don't even watch the show, I immediately recognized her voice from "Desperate Housewives."

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