Star Trek:TNG "Too Short a Season" (S1E16)

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  1. doom1701

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    May 15, 2001


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    I barely remember this episode from the first run. I'll watch this one before Angel One. I've already watched 11001001, and I'll start a thread on that in a bit when I have time to type up my thoughts.
  2. doom1701

    doom1701 Time for a new Title TCF Club

    May 15, 2001
    OK, a couple of things I've got to get out of the way first off.

    1. I hate old age makeup. I tend to not like it even in big budget films. It just never looks real.
    2. The original Admiral uniform is terrible. It looks like some sort of outfit a rockstar would wear. Lots of gold, lots of colors and harsh angles.

    Now for the episode...not bad, but there was a lot of nothing going on. Guy gets younger, guy gets foiled by a wall, guy dies, bad guy suddenly feels his vengeance has been carried out and turns nice. There's a little bit of Riker as a pansy and young guy trying to rape his older wife thrown in, but that's pretty much the plot.

    It wasn't a bad episode, but I feel just like I did when I saw it the first time years ago--I've got no interest to watch any of it again.
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    The first of many early ST:TNG episodes that showed that Star Fleet can't pick admirals worth a damn...
  4. LoadStar

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    This was a surprisingly solid episode overall. Nothing that stood out, but ultimately nothing wrong with it either. In that, though, it was a monumental achievement over many of the first season episodes.

    I agree about this version of the admiralty uniform. Looks like a design by committee, where everyone had an idea and no one said no to any of them.

    I actually thought that the old age makeup in this episode was better than most, and I was surprised at how believably the actor was able to portray a debilitated old man. Yeah, the makeup did end up looking a little waxy, but ultimately not bad at all. At least they went for believable old man. Many times, including later on TNG, they think greying the hair and adding a few wrinkles is enough to make a person believably old. (I point to the difference between old Riker from All Good Things, and the older Frakes we see to day, for an example>)
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    And, yeah, the admiral uniform sucked. So did the dress uniforms we saw previously. But, the regular uniforms already blow. Can't expect much from variations on those, I guess.

    The old-age makeup wasn't bad. I've seen way worse. If TNG every does get the rumored HD conversion, I imagine it won't look too good, though.

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