Star Trek:TNG "The Survivors" (S3E03)

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    It’s fun watching this show start to develop it’s dramatic side. I’m not going to say this episode is perfect, but it worked very well, and the ending had a real “kick to the gut” feeling that I like in dramatic episodes.

    First, the weaker parts of the episode--you've really got to stop asking yourself "why". So this all powerful being does something he feels extremely guilty for, so he decides to spend eternity with a reproduction of his wife on a conspicuous parcel of land. Strange version of penance. Or, I guess, he just wanted to try to forget.

    Marina Sirtis' portions of the episode were kind of cringe inducing. The Troi B plot (if you can call it that, since it was highly related to the main plot) was a great idea, just not well acted.

    But Patrick Stewart and John Anderson really nailed it. They were the heart and soul of the episode, and on that level it worked very well. Realizing that, near the end, Picard knew what was going on and he knew what was going to happen, and then understanding Kevin's pain and finally learning the truth of the situation (including the death of his wife, which, I believe the first time I saw this episode, came totally by surprise) had some real punch.
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    This one definitely had one of the more profoundly impacting endings of any ST:TNG episode.

    Very well done, I thought.

    I remember when I watched it the first time, the impact of the ending actually built up in my mind slowly, as I pondered it for the next couple of hours after I finished watching. When ST:TNG was in it's first run, my local channel aired it on my pool night (pocket billiards) so I always watched it on my timer-recorded VHS tape (primitive DVR, eh?) So, I remember re-watching the ending a few times as it's impact sank in.

    He was so angry that an entire race, anywhere they might be in the universe, was wiped out with a thought. An entire race of sentient beings. All of them.

    As to the Troi side-plot, I see where the OP is coming from. There was a part of me who wanted to slap her and yell, "Suck it up! Cut it out!" However, I tried to imagine hearing a few bars of music over and over again in my mind. And not only that, it's getting louder and louder and LOUDER until it's deafening, but all in the mind! That's kind of mind-blowing too. Like when a song gets stuck in your head, but 1,000,000 times worse, and with a certain horrifying aspect. Sirtis' acting of the effect might not have been all that bad. I'm not sure how I'd act in such a situation.
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    Interesting. I just read through the Memory Alpha article on this episode and the following stood out:

    Interesting. And it shows. The grief he expresses in the climactic scene indeed comes of very real.
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    I remember this episode well, our local affiliate used to play it nearly as much as they played Trouble With Tribbles. For some reason, they loved replaying it.

    It was also memorable because at the time, John Anderson was a spokesperson for Miracle Gro fertilizer spikes, or one of their competitors, which also ran forever. Every time I saw the commercials, I couldn't help but think, why should I be buying fertilizer spikes from a guy who killed an entire race?

    Watching it now, I enjoyed it a lot more than I did then. I thought it was funny how everyone just sort of ignores Troi progressively going out of her mind. Picard effectively tells her to take sleeping pills. Troi also never quite explains the problem until it's unbearable. "But it's real!" Thanks, Deanna. :)

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    Maybe that's what he used to make a little patch of green on an otherwise dead planet. :D
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    Good episode. Interesting to read about Anderson losing his wife shortly before shooting this.

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