Star Trek:TNG "The Naked Now" (OAD 10/5/87)

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  1. doom1701

    doom1701 Time for a new Title TCF Club

    May 15, 2001
    So here's thread number 2. Here's the rules.

    I haven't watched this one again yet. I think Tasha Yar underboob is all that will convince me to queue it up.

    Update: Huh, again, not as bad as I remember. Not great, mind you, and plenty of "Oh, God, they have to be kidding" moments. But it was bearable.

    It does seem that they really don't know what Data is supposed to be at this point. Apparently he's biomechanical with some emotions, as he gets uncomfortable with Yar's advances.

    I think the best parts of the episode were also the worst--the Wesley stuff. When I was a kid, watching this for the first time, seeing Wesley the geek was great. He was like me. Watching it now, I don't think that was such a good thing. Reading Wil Wheaton's writeup on the episode, he seemed to feel the same way. The over-geekifying of Wesley destroyed people's opinion of the character.
  2. rondotcom

    rondotcom I Like To Watch

    Feb 12, 2005
    I get the feeling the creators were surprised when the show got picked up. Strapped for script ideas, the re-made "Amok Time" from TOS to give them time to get some more scripts in the pipeline.
  3. LoadStar

    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    Don't forget, ST:TNG was a first-run syndicated series. By the time the show entered production, the syndication agreements would have already been made with stations across the country. There was never any doubt that the show would move forward.

    Edit: and this was a remake of "The Naked Time" not "Amok Time." I'm guessing that's what you meant.
  4. LoadStar

    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    Ugh. That episode was as painful as I remember it. I honestly can't find a single redeeming thing about it. Whose dumb idea was it to watch these episodes again? :D
  5. Bryanmc

    Bryanmc I'm normal.

    Sep 5, 2000
    It gets better. :D
  6. gchance

    gchance 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Dec 6, 2002
    Olivehurst, CA
    Data's fully functional. That's all I have to say, although I recently rewatched it, I can't think of anything else. I won't watch it again. :)

  7. LoadStar

    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    There were two things that were interesting to me in this episode.

    One was the design of Engineering... while the actual engine room never really changed over the series, the rest of Engineering was dramatically different at this early stage. The "pool table" wasn't there yet, the big ship systems readout was in a totally different place on the ship, and there was a completely different corridor design leading out of the engine room. (I'd love to know the "fanwank" in-story reason for that one. :)) Additionally, the "Chief Engineer's Office" (where Wesley blocked himself in with the tractor beam) ended up growing some additional control panels in place of that useless lit ledge that was under the window facing into the engine room.

    The other was the role of Chief Engineer. Surprisingly, after the character of Scotty was so iconic and so important in TOS, the role was relatively ignored here. When they had to portray the Chief Engineer, they ended up getting a guest star for the role, and there was absolutely no attempt at making the character of MacDougal stick in the viewer's minds.
  8. doom1701

    doom1701 Time for a new Title TCF Club

    May 15, 2001
    Supposedly (maybe even someone mentioned this in the Farpoint thread), Roddenberry felt had the entire Engineering set created so that Picard could spend 10 seconds walking through it. He felt leaving engineering out of the pilot was a mistake.

    That said, it seems strange that the second episode would spend so much time in engineering. It also seems strange that, while Roddenberry made them create the set for Farpoint, he didn't seem to care who the chief engineer was.
  9. kaszeta

    kaszeta $nullstring TCF Club

    Jun 11, 2004
    Grantham, NH
    Even back when watching it for the first time, I was a bit surprised that the chief engineer was suck a minor character. Heck, Season 1 had, what, 3 or 4 chief engineers? (Lynch, Logan, and MacDougal are the ones I remember).
  10. voripteth

    voripteth User Advocate

    Apr 9, 2003
    No comments about Dr. Crusher getting it on with Picard?
    I remember thinking that was awfully risque the first time I saw it. :eek:
  11. Magister

    Magister Fat, Dumb and Happy

    Oct 17, 2004
    Columbia, SC
    I still liked this episode much better then the ones to follow. I enjoyed it. I thought the giggling dude that pulled out the chips was annoying.

    Yar annoyed me anytime she was on screen, but looked great for the brief moments this episode.
  12. DougF

    DougF Well-Known Member

    Mar 18, 2003
    North Dakota
    Man, that was weak. The most notable thing about it, for me, was Data's line about being fully functional getting reused in First Contact years later.
  13. Zevida

    Zevida witless and unarmed TCF Club

    Nov 8, 2003
    San Jose, CA
    Wesley is the worst!

    Picard's slight skip when entering medical bay towards the end was cute.

    I can't believe they manage to drag out Troi and Rikker over the whole series. They are being so obvious about it already.
  14. SnakeEyes

    SnakeEyes Active Member

    Dec 26, 2000
    Can we please gripe about Wesley with each episode, as if this is first run? I really want to :D

    Very weak episode but then again it's what I expect out of the first season. I'm interested to see if rewatching gives me a bit better opinion of it or a worse one as it goes on.
  15. Bryanmc

    Bryanmc I'm normal.

    Sep 5, 2000

    1. It really takes HOURS to search through the database for the terms "shower with clothes on"? They don't have Google in the 24th century?

    2. Riker kind of jumps the gun when he tells the captain they've found the explanation even before Data pulls up the information once Riker remembers where it's from.

    3. Why can't they beam Wesley out of engineering?

    4. The Riker/Crusher touch was about the most unnatural thing I've seen. She doesn't answer you right away so you go in and reach under her hair to touch her neck? Weird.

    This one didn't hold up for me.
  16. doom1701

    doom1701 Time for a new Title TCF Club

    May 15, 2001
    There was a lot of "computer" stuff throughout the series that doesn't hold up now. I don't know how much of that is poor writing (I'd say that this instance was) or just bad fortune telling.

    At least I don't remember them ever stating how much memory the ship's computer had. It would be pretty painful if, at some point, they talked about how the ship could store over 100GB of information...
  17. Marc

    Marc Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Jun 26, 1999
    McMurray, PA
    At some point, I seem to recall them mentioning some number of "gigaquads" (if I'm remembering the term correctly) of "memory" (storage) capacity.

    In terms of trying to extrapolate how it might be in the future, it'd be incomprehensible to the current audience. Even going out just one century from now, we could be talking about storage technology with an exa-yottabyte (since there isn't currently an SI prefix that goes that large, but otherwise some number like tredecillion bytes) capacity, based on an increase of approximately a factor of 1,000 every ten years.

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