Star Trek TNG: The Last Outpost (OAD:10/19/1987)

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  1. doom1701

    doom1701 Time for a new Title TCF Club

    May 15, 2001


    I'm out of town this weekend, but I might watch one of these tonight on my phone.
  2. LoadStar

    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    Not exactly the most auspicious start to an alien species. One wonders why they instructed the actors (including the otherwise brilliant Armin Shimmerman!) to leap around waving their arms in the air like they were monkeys. Can't imagine why they weren't taken seriously after this episode. (And to think, the Ferengi were supposed to be the big bad of TNG, sort of like their version of Firefly's Reavers.)

    Unfortunately, when the whole episode really was supposed to set the Ferengi up as a menacing species... when that fails, the whole episode rather fails.

    Other than the Ferengi issues:
    - the Sun Tzu quoting at the beginning had a giant neon "this will be important" flashing light that was kind of anvil-icious.
    - the kids running around on the same deck as the bridge was rather implausible, and only existed to get them to leave the finger puzzle behind for Data to find.
    - the ending with Geordi and the finger puzzle was as corny as a sitcom.
    - some of the compositing (green-screening) when Riker first beamed down was a little cheesy looking.

    Not a great episode at all, but not unbearable.
  3. Zevida

    Zevida witless and unarmed TCF Club

    Nov 8, 2003
    San Jose, CA
    I did think it was an interesting twist in the episode that both ships thought the other had them trapped but it turned out to be coming from the planet.

    I LOLd with Data and the Chinese finger trap.

    The Frengi were weird - and if they were supposed to be the series big bad, this definitely did not point that way.
  4. doom1701

    doom1701 Time for a new Title TCF Club

    May 15, 2001
    Some real time thoughts...

    So the turbolift still works, but the intercom has lost power. Guess they don't have text messaging in the 23rd century.

    At this rate, Picard is going to send everyone to engineering to find out what is taking Geordi so long in engineering.

    I think Picard is going to leave a mess in his pants thinking about the French flag...

    Oh, pool table!

    Woowee? Ouch, that was bad. I was OK with the excitement level until then.

    Picard seems so happy about Geordi's work that he might just make him chief engineer. :)

    Opinions, please--and please stick with your stereotypes!

    Picard seems to surrender in every other episode.

    Oh, lucky Picard wasn't too specific.

    I understand that it's funny to have Data get stuck in the finger cuffs...but A) it's simple physics, B) it's ancient and surely in Data's memory and C) Data could probably rip the thing to shreds.

    I like the holo projector, but it seems wasted in this episode.

    Why does the viewscreen keep zooming in on the Ferengi's face?

    "What is this?" the Ferengi says holding his completely erect whip. I'm giggling quite a bit.

    Nobody thought to check the stone bridge?

    The old dude has some moves.

    The turbolifts must run off some unknown source of energy--everybody is about to die because there's no power for life support, but the primary crew still decided to go back to the bridge.

    OK, overall, another very Star Trekey episode. The ultimate conflict is resolved not through violence but through reason. And until the beam down to the planet, the Ferengi were really pretty impressive enemies. But then they went downhill. The constant dancing around like a 3 year old that has to pee really wrecked the initial impression of the race. The stupid arguments, supposedly from a race as advanced as the Federation and most likely adept at trade with multiple civilizations, were embarrassing.

    The space FX were quite impressive, especially with the first introduction of a new alien ship. The first closeup shot of the Ferengi vessel had some real mass--something that I think you really only get from model shots.

    Had the Ferengi not turned into toddlers (or 12 year olds giggling about the woman with clothes on), this could have been a really good episode.
  5. Magister

    Magister Fat, Dumb and Happy

    Oct 17, 2004
    Columbia, SC


    The set design on the planet was pretty bad. I remember thinking as a teen this was pretty bad looking. The Ferengi makeup looked great, but the old man looked terrible.
  6. DougF

    DougF Well-Known Member

    Mar 18, 2003
    North Dakota
    Budget reasons, I'd guess. The extreme close-up meant no Ferengi bridge set was needed.
  7. DougF

    DougF Well-Known Member

    Mar 18, 2003
    North Dakota
    I think it started off good enough (save for the kids in the conference room), but the stuff on the planet sucked.

    Agreed with others about the Ferengi. In the pilot, Picard says something like "I hope they find you as tasty". They aren't even close to menacing here.
  8. allan

    allan Just someone TCF Club

    Oct 13, 2002
    I haven't had the chance to rewatch, but didn't Riker say something like "We were once like they (the Ferengi) are". I'm sure he was supposed to be talking about our capitalist past, but the way they were dancing around, it seemed more like before we were human! :)
  9. doom1701

    doom1701 Time for a new Title TCF Club

    May 15, 2001
    I was talking about whenever we would look over Picard's shoulder at the viewscreen, and the view seemed to be looking up the Ferengi's nostril or zoomed in on a tooth. In fact, right near the end of the first video communication, they seemed to zoom even further in on the Ferengi, to the point of it being a little disgusting.
  10. kaszeta

    kaszeta $nullstring TCF Club

    Jun 11, 2004
    Grantham, NH
    Wow, every time I've seen this episode, I'm reminded how bad the Ferengi writing and acting were.

    I'm actually shocked that they turned this around to some decent writing later on, and didn't just shelve the whole race as a bad idea.

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