Star Trek:TNG "The Child" (S2E1)

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    Well, Christian Slater's mom was doing the casting for VI...
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    I read somewhere that they intended to recreate the McCoy/Spock bickering type of relationship with Pulaski and Data. Unfortunately, Data isn't Spock, and unlike Spock, he's not going to give as good as he gets. As a result, Pulaski just comes across as a bigot.
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    I thought this was a great episode. The entire opening screamed "Hey, we're going to give a darn and spend some money this season...look, a beard!" And the new dedication really showed, IMO.

    Troi still doesn't seem to know what her accent should be, but at least she was a real character in this episode. And Wesley seemed to finally become someone worth watching as well--more mature, less whiny.

    Dr. Pulaski sucked donkey balls; while Season 2 had some great stuff, I think that Pulaski pulled the show down so much that Season 2 will never be able to compare to Seasons 3 and 4. Others have said that they didn't dislike her, but they didn't like her...I hated her. Such an obvious McCoy analog with no purpose on a crew that lacked any other TOS analogs.

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