Star Trek:TNG "The Arsenal of Freedom" (S1E21)

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    I remember this being the first episode I watched as a kid where I thought "Yeah, this is going to be a great show!" I'm sure it had something to do with the amount of phaser fire. :)

    Now that I've watched it, I still really enjoy it. Another great ensemble episode. The planet set left a little to be desired, but they used what they had available. The overall storyline was good, and Vincent Schiavelli (RIP) was great as the holographic salesman.

    The episode did have it's weak points--there really wasn't a good reason for the Captain and the doctor to beam down, especially when the captain knew that it was a hostile environment. Obviously it gave us some good Picard/Crusher time and it gave Geordi the opportunity to command (a part of the plot I really enjoyed). We also have been introduced to yet another chief engineer.

    The good definitely outweighed the bad, though, from Riker's "good ship Lollipop" to the Picard/Crusher moments to Geordi doing a great job as the commander of the ship. I also liked that Picard didn't take command back at the end of the episode, instead insisting on taking back command of a full ship.
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    This was one of those episodes that really showed that Roddenberry was still very much in control in these early days. This episode (and the next, BTW) was like a lot of TOS episodes -- rather anvilicious in the way they delivered their allegorical message. Once Roddenberry passed on, they quickly learned the technique to be a lot more subtle. This episode's target, clearly, was a late cold war era "mutual assured destruction" story.

    I really did like the automated salesperson. He was creepy enough to be alien, and greasy enough to be a used car salesperson; the perfect mix for this episode. I also liked the Crusher/Picard interplay, and the expansion on her character's background in this episode.

    However, I thought the whole "let's win one for the Gipper" pep talk Geordi gave on the battle bridge was cheesy as hell, and I'm from Wisconsin - I know cheese. ;) The only thing inspirational about it was that it inspired me to roll my eyes and start laughing.

    Was this the last time before "Best of Both Worlds" that they used the saucer separation?
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    I think it was. BOBW was the last time it happened until Generations, IIRC. That was something I was suprised wasn't used more, kinda like Voyager being able to land.
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    This was also probably the best use of it as well. In Farpoint it was done mainly because they could and they wanted to show it. They also never addressed how the saucer section made it to Farpoint, since it didn't have warp capability.

    In BoBW, I didn't like how nimble both parts of the vessel were during the attack.

    In this episode, Geordi warped away, left the saucer section (which would apparently have to limp along on impulse to a starbase if necessary) a safe distance from battle, and then returned.

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