Star Trek TNG: Peak Performance (S2E21)

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    I'm getting this post in a little early; I watched this episode a couple of weeks ago and figure it's fresh enough in my mind that I probably won't watch it again. But I am going to bullet point my topics, since it's not so fresh that I can do a full writeup.

    1. I had to go digging to find out where I recognized Roy Brocksmit (Kolrami) from. He was a pretty prolific actor, but it was his voice that really stuck with me. Turns out that I remember him most clearly as one of the monks in the Babylon 5 episode "Deconstruction of Falling Stars". Ironically, that was 10 years after this episode...weird how the mind pieces things together.

    2. The whole wargame simulation felt very Kobiashi Maru-ish--the only way for the Hathaway to win was to cheat...which is exactly what they planned on doing.

    3. Speaking of the cheat, did it strike anyone else as odd that they can beam antimatter? And, on a lesser note, how Wesley is again right next to the main engine core doing homework?

    4. Was the Hathaway bridge the battle bridge set? It seemed much more decked out than in the Stargazer episode.

    5. "Where do I get the fiber optic cable?" Worf rips shreds out of the ceiling..."Anywhere". Obviously, Worf has never had to splice fiber optic cable.

    The only part of the episode that took it down a notch for me was the ending, with Worf tricking the Ferengi sensors. I completely understand that he could do it to the Enterprise (although it was a bad decision for Picard not to change various key security codes), but doing it to the Ferengi seemed far fetched. Take that out of the mix (and they didn't need it--they could have just gotten the Enterprise's weapons back into "real" mode and given them a nice whooping), and the entire gambit was actually quite a bit of fun.

    Pulaski and Data seemed to finally find their nitch in this episode, finding a way to get along. Or some wise writer just thought "She's gone anyway, why not have her leave in a way so people don't remember her as such a &!%@".
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    I always remember recognizing him when he showed up as a Bajoran scrap metal dealer on DS9, and everyone didn't immediately believe me it was Mr Kolrami.

    Not really, since I can even recall a TOS episode where they did it ("Obsession", with the blood-sucking monster.[1])

    Yep. They did a little more window dressing this time.

    Yeah, that scene would make the rounds back when I was installing fiber for ATM in the mid 90s.

    This was one of several things wrong with this episode, IMHO. Others include:

    1. I really wish they had found a better way to get the Hathaway going than the "boy genius needs his homework" ruse.
    2. Kolrami seemed a bit of a caricature. And I thought he gave up a little too easily.
    3. Access codes? C'mon, that trick should have never worked again after WOK.

    Other random comments:

    1. Another pre-Quark Armin Shimerman appearance.
    2. We see the Zakdorn at least once more in TNG: they run the Qualor II junkyard, which is a really odd thing to do for a race known as supreme strategists.

    [1] And the time they actually killed Lt Leslie[2]
    [2] He got better
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    This is one that when it came 'round on the DVR I'd tend to skip, since my recolection was that I passionately disliked the episode.

    I guess I'll have to watch it again for the first time in many years so that I can follow this thread... ;)
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    In truth, Pulaski was still in the first few season three first drafts scripts as they thought she was coming back.
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    Mmm, Chalupa Maneuver...

    Bingo, that's where I remember him, although he looks a lot different with the makeup here. That voice is unmistakable.

    And don't forget Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. :p

    This is also the episode that features everyone's favorite Secret Service agent from 24, Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower).

    I love seeing recognizable actors in TNG. :)

    As far as my thoughts on the episode, I liked it a lot, and should add that I'd never seen this episode until now. I *loved* Worf grabbing the optical cables, it was such a typical Worf move.


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