Star Trek TNG: Justice (S1E08)

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    (Note: There was quite a bit of interest in going to episode numbers in the subject, so I'm making that change going forward. I'll post the Air Date in the body, for anyone interested).

    OAD: 11/9/1987

    I'm waiting for some code to compile, so I've got a few minutes and I figured I'd get this first episode for the weekend out of the way. I watched it a few weeks ago and I have NO intention of watching it again. This is probably in a 2 or 3 way tie for worst episode of the series for me.

    The acting in this episode made most elementary school plays look award winning. I think all the actors were too distracted by everyone around them wearing nothing but fabric remnants covering their naughty bits. Which, BTW, seemed to be the entire purpose of the episode.

    Actually, I take that back. There seemed to be two somewhat related stories going on. The whole BS on the planet with whiny Wesley (who was 15 at this point) not knowing about "some games" and playing ball like a 5 year old with the other kids, and then the "a God-like creature watches over a civilization and doesn't like our characters interfering (even though he's good with our characters coming down, talking up space travel, possibly knocking up some local residents, etc.)" storyline. There was no way to salvage the first storyline; the second had potential but fell flat.

    If this episode were made today (which, if it were, I'd decide life isn't worth living), I wonder if they'd be more open to having the crew getting it on with the local life forms. They didn't seem to be shy about having the locals nearly naked (those poor kids that were playing with Wesley were probably tramatized for life) and talking about how "friendly" they were, but all we ever see the main characters doing is talking to them. If they wanted to be accurate, Riker would have been found naked, passed out, and with a giant smile in a room with 30 of the local women.

    Other gripes: The FX were pretty bad in this one (the "God" ship materialzed in rectangles?), the location shooting seemed very out of place (these people seem to know nothing about anything--including actually having sex, since there's no babies anywhere--yet they have this very nice, modern building that they live/work/shag in), the ending was abrupt and pointless...I could go on. It was terrible. Don't watch it. Just let this thread die... :)
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    I remember this being the worst episode when I was first watching this back in the 80's. And it was as cringe inducing today, maybe even more. It just stunk.
  3. LoadStar

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    But come on... this gave us the immortal line:

    "I'm with Starfleet. We don't lie."

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    I dunno, I kind liked it up until the part where they didn't get to inject Wesley. :)
  5. LoadStar

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    Once you get past the great quantities of inappropriate (and IMO rather creepy) touching, it's not a altogether horrible episode. Yes, not much more in depth than a first year Ethics lecture, but for what it was, not too bad. I think the scene with Picard and Data in the random crew quarter set was a particularly good scene.

    Of course, for all the hand-wringing over the Prime Directive in this episode, the elephant in the room is that they beamed a bunch of people down to what clearly seems to be a pre-warp, pre-first-contact society, which would seem to be a gigantic violation of the Prime Directive.
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    "Its about *this* long and about *this* thick" ...

    (possibly slightly paraphrased)
  7. Fish Man

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    *That* alone made it one of my favorite first season episodes (and, yes, that speaks volumes about how horrible the first season was in general).

    Also, I 100% agree with what LoadStar said.
  8. DougF

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    The basic story (Starfleet dude unknowingly breaks a law and sentenced to death in a society with only one form of punishment) had real potential, IMO. The details and the execution were just so awful.

    And while the awesome line has already been mentioned, I think we all need a rewatch.


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