Star Trek:TNG "Hide and Q" (S1E10)

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    Now that Season 1 is back on Netflix, I actually have a chance of watching this. Too bad I spent my TV time this weekend watching some season 2 and 3 stuff (which does get much better than most of season 1). I'll try to get to it this week and come back.
  2. DougF

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    This one started out pretty well. It went to hell as soon as they ended up on the planet. I'm up to Yar crying in the penalty box and will have a hard time finishing it.
  3. kaszeta

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    Entirely too many scenes in this episode were cringe-worthy:

    1. Worf's Klingon partner
    2. Wesley as an adult
    3. Yar wining about the penalty box
    4. When they realize the French soldiers are really weird aliens.
  4. LoadStar

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    Wesley as an adult was hilarious. How did that casting work? I don't get how on earth they could have looked at Wil Wheaton and thought "yeah, we can see him turning into this guy in 10 years." I love this quote from Wil's recap of this episode:
    The bit with Tasha getting all weepy on the bridge/"penalty box" was really unbelievably cringe-inducing. It wasn't "playing against type" - it was just flat-out out of character.

    The whole episode seemed like one of those budget-saving episodes. They only had three active sets for the entire episode (planet, bridge, and mining colony), and of those, two were incredibly basic set designs. The Enterprise encountering the Q "force field" was an entirely reused bit of footage from Encounter at Farpoint. Even the camera work was very basic in this episode. They couldn't even afford enough alien soldier extras to make it seem like the crew was in any realistic peril.

    Oh, and speaking of the planet... The scenes on the planet seemed to come straight out of 1960's Star Trek. Cheesy green sky, lots of paper mache rocks, and weird beast aliens that are supposed to be menacing and overwhelming, but in reality are just laughably silly. The only thing they didn't do was film at Vasquez Rocks. ;) Actually, for that matter, the fact that they were going to rescue trapped miners is right out of the TOS playbook as well. Really, this whole episode felt very dated, and seemed like 1960's production methods and techniques.

    The only really good part about this episode was John DeLancie as Q, even with as blah as the rest of the episode was. You could have him reading the phone book, and DeLancie would probably figure out a way to make it sound sarcastic and insulting. The guy is simply awesome as Q.

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