Star Trek:TNG "Evolution" (S3E01)

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    May 15, 2001


    Finally, no more Patrick Stewart in an undersized jumpsuit. Aside from the ST2-6 Movie uniforms, the new uniforms are my favorite in all of Star Trek. I have to imagine that part of the reason is the contrast from Season 2 to Season 3--going from such a terrible outfit to something much more becoming of the cast.

    There were other visual upgrades as well--the Shuttlebay finally looks good (although not great). The opening credits have more refinement. Little tweaks on various sets really add a nice level of polish to the series. Hottie McFadden is back, and her wigmaker is hitting on all cylinders. It feels like, visually, we're going in the right direction.

    Unfortunately, I think we've got a few more episodes before the stories really take off. The overall story is OK, but as a Wesley story--and not just that, but a typical Wesley story of "Wesley does something to break the ship"--it just makes me groan. The ship's failures are almost identical to that of "Contagion"; the ultimate cause is not terribly different, either.

    I can't complain too loudly--it's not a bad episode. And like at the beginning of Season 2, it takes the opportunity to demonstrate how the show is improving visually.
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    Copy and paste everything doom1701 said here.

    Total agreement.

    The good:
    • Some nice visual tweaks.
    • Beverly is back! (Or, just as important, Pulaski is GONE!)
    • All the actors (and the writers) seem to be becoming really comfortable with the characters (finally).

    The bad:
    • Wesley, in his genius, breaks the ship.
    • Wesley, in his genius, has to fix the ship.

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    It's easy to say that in hindsight but when I actually watched this episode for the first time, I enjoyed it quite a bit as it was still showing the steady improvement in writing we had seen in Season 2.

    The main thing that I noticed in Evolution was how more well defined the characters were now.
    Sure the story is average but the characterization really helps to sell this episode.

    It's funny that you comment that there's a few more episodes before the show really takes off and you're kind of right as Michael Pillar wasn't running the writing room yet.
    Michael Wagner was.

    And while I think he was better than Hurley, he probably wasn't better than Pillar.

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