Star Trek TNG: Elementary, Dear Data (S2E03)

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    I guess I didn't see the same ending you did. I just rewatched it and what I saw was a rather lengthy scene with plenty of discussion in which Picard helps to convince Moriarty that there is nothing Moriarty can do to change what he is. None of the actions he can take by controlling the ship will lead to him leaving the holodeck. "My fate is in your perhaps it always was."
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    Dear God, yes. I believe I already commented about my complete and utter hatred of Pulaski in another thread, but just in case...DIE DR PULASKI, DIE!

    In season 2, Wesley matured, Data, Geordi and even Worf grew as characters, overall the show improved drastically...and we got a whiny old b#@# that hates transporters and mocks Data incessantly. And I seem to remember her acting like that all season.
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    That bad, huh?


    (pulls episode from media server)
    (jump to 38 minutes)

    Data says that Moriarty has won.
    Moriarty shakes ship.
    Picard asks what he wants.
    Moriarty says he wants to live in the real Universe.
    Picard tells him he can't leave the Holodeck.
    "I'm alive, like Data and I've changed! I'm nice now!"
    Picard can't give him what he wants.
    Moriarty releases Pulaski and the computer.

    Nope, don't think I missed anything.
  4. DougF

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    Well, that's not what happened but there's no convincing you otherwise. I'll just have to go on knowing I'm right. :)

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