Star Trek: Discovery - S3 E7 "Unification III"

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    I'm afraid that Michael is the worst part of this show, the character or the actor's portrayal of the character is just WAY over the top IMO.

    I mean I know she's been through a lot, but she just needs to relax some.
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    I wouldn't quite discount her yet. The Burn... Burnham. ;)
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    Always possible of course, but they gave enough of her "down the rabbit hole" story for me to eliminate her.
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    Why did the Klingons have cloaking devices 10 years before the Romulans launched their first cloaked ship against Kirk and Spock?

    I agree with you on this being an average episode.

    It was a nice scene with Burnham looking up what Spock had done with his life but as I've mentioned before, I've never liked the whole "Spock's unknown sister" aspect of Burnham (even when it's actually known by everyone who's not the audience, Kirk, or McCoy).

    Mama Burnham turns up and is now a Candor sister from Picard (how did she survive the martial arts training aspects).

    Future Vulcan Ni'var is an interesting exploration of the future or would have been, if we actually had gone down to the planet.
    (But I guess they can't find real deserts outside of Toronto.)
    I also noticed that they didn't mention how the destruction of Romulus factored into reunification.
    (I would tend to think that there would have been other Romulans beside Nero who blamed Spock.)

    Tilley as (acting) First Officer.
    I get that people like her but there's no way a Ensign with less than two years (subjective time) or so out of the Academy (whom as she noted, never finished Command Training) would be installed in that position of a capital ship.
    (Although I did like Stamets' reaction when Tilly talked to him.)

    Lt. Willa would be a much more interesting choice (ala Sisko and Kira).

    Did anyone else think "Jumpgates!" during the explanation of SB19?

    Also, why was the Federation running out of dilithium even before the Burn?

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