Star Trek: Discovery - S3 E13 "That Hope Is You, Part 2"

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    This is not TRAVELERS; they are not there to fix the past.
  2. mattyro7878

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    Nov 27, 2014
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    Maybe. The cost and storage space and speed certainly will have improved; assuming you bought SOTA each time and next time. Weight as well. I have an old DELL inspiron laptop. It is as heavy as a cinder block.
  3. Saturn_V

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    When Jones appeared sans make-up and costume, (something probably negotiated as an sci-fi actor's last hurrah) I'm betting on him not returning as part of the regular cast. Plus you'd think Burnam and Saru would have a last scene together- so we see Saru's "blessing". But we didn't- which is telling in and of itself.

    Saru is the Discovery character / performance I liked most. Tilly is a distant second. His character arc was more interesting to me than Burnam's.

    Planet Express. Insert Futurama- Star Trek crossover here. And make Leela captain.

    I like it when Trek gets emotional. Moments like Picard in vineyard after Wulf 359, Sisko breaking down in "Far Beyond the Stars", even the Kelvin evacuation scene from the 2009 film even though it swells from Giacchino's music.

    But emotional scenes never feel organic when Discovery does it. It never feels natural. They have a lot of hugging scenes and disclosures of I love you. But it never once hit me in the feels. And I'm a guy that bawled at the Julie Mao/Miller finally meet scene in The Expanse.
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    They can start season 4 a year or two after season 3. No Captain Leela needed.
    They did, but it's documented on a different show. Stargate SG-1 (TV Series 1997–2007) - IMDb
  5. Rob Helmerichs

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    Casting spoiler:
    Saru isn't leaving.
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    Maybe they can make him an admiral, that's what happens to every successful captain.

    Star Fleet is gonna need more admirals.

    Certainly we've been making great gains in storage and bandwidth, but the Moore's law analog on those will peter out eventually too. I think we need some new revolutionary breakthroughs to bring about the singularity.
  7. martinp13

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    Remember how you used to have to split movies across multiple tapes? Now you can fit multiple movies on one little device. I'm sure they've advanced past giga-, tera-, and petabytes, so the entire Sphere data is probably a drop in the bucket in a single Dot.
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    The biggest leap of faith was when they jettisoned the warp core to explode so they could get out of the bigger ship they were trapped in. They were depending on Book's telepathic abilities (or what ever he had) to get the spore drive to work. Obviously if it didn't work they would have been destroyed. Also obviously the Discovery couldn't have been destroyed or there wouldn't be any more seasons!

    Overall I liked the season. Not fantastic but not bad. I wasn't crazy about the source of the Burn but as someone posted it was better than having some enemy able to do such a thing. I liked the battle on the ship but I thought it was too easy at the end to kill Osyraa. And the sphere bots I thought was a pretty good idea, but they didn't seem to accomplish anything.

    Again overall a good season ender.
  9. Bierboy

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    Jun 12, 2004
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  10. Rob Helmerichs

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    Oct 17, 2000
    Photos on the internet.
  11. cwerdna

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    Feb 22, 2001
    SF Bay Area, CA
    Also in the Ready Room associated with this ep.
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  12. JYoung

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    Jan 16, 2002
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    I mean, it was ok.
    Or not completely terrible.
    At least it wasn't the flaming dung heap that was last season.
    But it still seem to me that the writers are phoning in at least half of their work.

    I still say that there was insufficient set up for this so there's little emotional investment for the crew retaking the ship.
    And they never did address how Osyraa knew such critical details about Discovery and the like.
    Including where the Federation HQ shield emitter is.
    Or just being able to beam through the shields.
    (I guess we'll never know and I don't think because her scientist was super smart.)

    Also, what good does it do to eject a pesticide into space?
    Spaceships have to be airtight by design otherwise..... bad things happen.

    And is it really a good idea to be firing energy weapons in the computer core?

    And what's the reason that Discovery can't just rip the Viridian apart from the inside wih her weapons?
    When she's inside their shields.

    I guess we now know why they made the nacelles detached.
    Now can we get rid of them?
    Also, will someone tell me how Owosekun actually got into the nacelle if it's detached?

    And what is up with those turbolift "tubes".
    I mean they were literally tubes in the Next Generation and they're just wide open spaces here?

    The only reason I don't hate the Su'Kal subplot is thanks to Doug Jones.
    I get that he witnessed his mother's death and I do feel sympathy for him.
    But the whole Brightburn aspect just makes me groan.
    It's not a bad idea making the kid responsible but the how sucks.

    All in all, I went into this season with low expectations.
    I can say that the writers met them.

    What next for Star Trek: Andromeda?
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    Of course, Moore's law isn't really what most people think it is. Moore's law is about the number of transistors on a chip, not about how capable the computer is. And while most people think it stopped working around 2010, there's some debate about that, probably all depends on exactly how you decide to measure things.
  14. IndyJones1023

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    This show is a total dumpster fire. I found myself wondering how Burnham and Book transported to some city skyline to fight on a flying cubes. So stupid.
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  15. Saturn_V

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    Jun 1, 2007
    22 years ago when DS9 finished its run, I said that Star Trek would never be this good again. That expectation re-calibration has prevented me from throwing food, remote controls and shoes at my TVs ever since. But I am considering buying a Foam Brick at this point.
  16. JYoung

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    I kind of had the same thought at the time.
    I thought that the last two seasons of Voyager were mostly lackluster and then we were hit in the face with Enterprise.
  17. Worf

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    Sep 15, 2000
    Hey, the first couple of seasons of Enterprise stunk, but the 3rd season started picking things up. That's the thing with Star Trek - the 3rd season is where things usually get good, and it's applied to pretty much everything, including Discovery.

    I'm just annoyed CBS is doing a feast and famine thing - lots of Trek, or no Trek. Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks are all coming out in one big go. Granted, instead of a usual full season of 24 episodes, it's a half season of each (Discovery was 12 episodes, Picard was 10 episodes and Lower Decks was 10 episodes) so I guess things aren't too bad.
  18. jlb

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    Well, and the pandemic has impacted production. My understanding was the CBS AA wanted to get to a point where there is always at least one series of Trek airing.
  19. Saturn_V

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    Jun 1, 2007
    It's done to sustain the service and keep users from canceling/suspending their subscriptions. Everyone dropped after season 1 ended and didn't re-up until 2 premiered. That's why we have 3 Trek shows and a fourth on the way. (or is it five)

    The Sopranos and The Wire had 13 episodes/season, almost 20 years ago. I don't count them as 'half seasons".

    That 24-episode count is a relic from the broadcast paradigm. Older shows like Gunsmoke or I Love Lucy had 30+ eps per season. TV shows existed to sell advertising, period. (any entertainment is purely coincidental) And that mandated quantity has always meant a decline in quality- especially for long running shows.

    What good is 700 episodes of The Simpsons if only 100 are worth remembering?
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  20. JYoung

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    Up until the last three years or so, 22 episodes per season was the standard for most major network shows for quite a while.
    (CW would boost that to 24 for some shows and there have been some other exceptions. A show that kicked off in the midseason might only have 13 episodes for the first season.)

    Pre pandemic, some shows were dropping to 20 episodes a season but it's completely screwed up right now due to Covid.

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