Standby Mode and HDTV questions

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tivoash, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. tivoash

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    Jan 3, 2006


    When I am in standby mode (to record something on Tivo but watch tv through my Comcast Digital Cable box) my guide doesn't come up. Anyone else have this problem and can help?

    Also- can you watch a program in HD through TiVo and if not, how can you watch in HD if you have your TiVo on?

  2. litzdog911

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    Oct 18, 2002
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    Well, there's no way to pass HiDef video signals through your Tivo. But that should not prevent you from watching your HD Cable Box on your TV. Give us more information ....

    * brand/model TV?
    * how is the cable box connected to the TV (inputs/outputs, cables, connectors)?
    * how is the cable box connected to your Tivo (inputs/outputs, cables, connectors)?
    * how is the Tivo connected to your TV?

    Hopefully your TV has enough inputs so that you can connect the Tivo and the HiDef Cable Box to their own TV inputs. You might need two cable boxes, though, if you want to record digital cable channels on the Tivo while watching different channels on the TV.

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