Spectrum vs TiVo Instructrions for Tuning Adapter Install

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    I found the following thread on the subject and would like to resurrect it and request opinions...

    How do you set up a tuning adapter with Spectrum, and WHY?

    This is for a Roamio Pro...

    I received my tuning adapter from Spectrum. I connected it using the TiVo instructions (coax splitter; one to the TA and one to the TiVo, with the USB connecting both). After calling Spectrum to get the TA activated and refreshing the signal, my TiVo recognized the TA, but when I went to test the channel, the TiVo said "No Channels."

    They are sending out a tech next week.


    Should I try using the Spectrum instructions on connecting the tuning adapter?
    If the tuning adapter is not defective, shouldn't it work in both configurations?

    I can't even find a brand name on the TA, therefore I don't know what kind it is
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    Restart the tivo, after it comes back wait for the light to stop blinking on tuning adapter. If still doesn't work then unplug tuning adapter for 5 minutes plug in when stops blinking should do the checking for channels or what ever it says, with the spinning thing. That's what you need to see (the spinning thing) for me at least.
  4. mdavej

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    The way you did it is best because the signal loss through a Moto TA is massive compared to using a splitter. The one thing that could be affecting you is Moca. If you're using Moca, you probably need a filter on the input of the TA.

    If the Spectrum tech insists on passing the coax through the TA, let them connect it however they want. But if you ever have any pixellation in the future, change it back to the splitter configuration.

    How do you know for sure that the TA has been authorized? What brand is it, and what are the lights on it doing? Are you sure your cable card has been authorized? Do you see a non-zero V value?
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    I believe w/MoCA, you can’t use the passthru (the TA) option at all, filter or not; you’re left with the splitter as the only option.
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    @mdavej was referring to the possibility of a Tuning Adapter behaving abnormally if/when MoCA signals are present. In such cases, it is recommended that a MoCA filter be installed on the input of the TA to protect it from the MoCA signals. (A distinct protective/prophylactic use of a MoCA filter, as opposed to the separately required MoCA filter at the premise point-of-entry, "PoE.")
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    Feb 14, 2002
    After trying both sets of instructions with no success, I went back to to TiVo's instructions...only this time I rebooted with the TA still connected and powered up. That did the trick!
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